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Is Catalan spoken in Spain, Andorra, France, and Italy? 

Asked by Austin, Last updated: Apr 26, 2019

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John Smith

John Smith

Answered on Sep 09, 2016

True-catalan is spoken in catalonia, the autonomous communities of valencia and the balearic islands, a strip of the autonomous community of aragon along the border with catalonia, and in certain parts of the autonomous community of murcia that are on the border with valencia. the variety of catalan spoken in valencia is normally called valencian. a similar phenomenon occurs with dutch, which is called flemish in flanders (belgium), and serbo-croatian, which the serbs call serbian and the croats call croatian. like other european languages, such as german, slovenian, french, hungarian, english, italian, dutch, serbo-croatian and swedish, catalan is spoken in more than one country. although most of its speakers live in spain, catalan is also spoken in andorra (a state located between france and spain, where it is, in fact, the official language), the french county of the pyr�n�es-orientales (which was part of catalonia until 1659) and the city of alghero, on the italian island of sardinia.