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What kind of dinosaur is Barney?

What kind of dinosaur is Barney?

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A. Brachiosaurus
B. Triceratops
C. T-Rex
D. Pterodactyl

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Asked by Cambron bill, Last updated: Jul 07, 2020

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C. Perez

Just getting better day by day

C. Perez, Writer, Writer, Cleveland

Answered Aug 01, 2019

The correct answer to this question is C, T-Rex. Barney is a popular fictional character that many children enjoy watching. His theme song says "I love you. You love me. We're a happy family, with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won't you say you love me too".

This song is easy to learn and like the show, teaches children about friendship, companionship, and love. Barney also taught educational lessons through dance and song. It premiered in 1992, with the final episode airing in 2009. Though new episodes are no longer being made, the show can still be seen on television through re-runs.


L. Hawkes

L. Hawkes, Teacher, Memphis

Answered Jul 03, 2018

Barney is a favourite purple dinosaur of American children. His appearance is based on Tyranosaurus Rex, probably because this is the most well-known of the species and arguably, the largest and therefore the most impressive to children.

Barney shares songs and activities with his young audience and has a series of dino pals, as well as children who appear with him on the TV show. The series aims to promote sharing and caring, as well as learning. The activities are designed around these aims.




Answered Oct 06, 2017

(C) T-Rex

Most of us are pretty familiar with, and fond of every child’s favorite friendly dinosaur. You know the big jolly purple guy that carries around a make believe bag and teaches kids valuable life lessons in the most fun way possible. It might be difficult to believe knowing the disposition and dangerousness of the mighty T-Rex but Barney the purple dinosaur is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Barney proves that no matter how bad your reputation is or how barbaric your ancestors were you can still be good. The irony doesn’t even stop there though because Baby Bop, Barney’s favorite friend, is a Triceratops. And yes, you guessed it, The T-Rex would typically make the Triceratops into lunch. Barney shatters stereotypes and he always makes everyone feel special.


cambron bill

Cambron bill

Answered Aug 24, 2017


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