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What continent do Pandas live in?

A. North America
B. Europe
C. Asia
D. Australia
E. South America

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Asked by Dcarlyle, Last updated: Dec 10, 2018

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J.SpencerKnowledge enthusiast, Tokyo
Knowledge enthusiast, Tokyo

Answered on Dec 17, 2018

Pandas are members of the bear family that thrive on only vegetarian diets.

Evolution wise, giant pandas are a failure and will likely not live to see another evolutionary form. They are alreadyendangered animals and the reason they've lasted this long is that they thrive in the tropical Bamboo forests of South China. Their numbers are improving but since they're pure carnivores whose diet contains only Bamboo they are bad at surviving. Red pandas, on the other hand, are more active although they are declining due to an inbreeding depression. They are found in the Eastern Himalayas.

Since all species of panda live in Asia, the answer is C.


E. Good

E. Good

Answered on Nov 27, 2018

Pandas are actually panda bears; this is their family category. They are native to China and eat only bamboo, which limits their adaptability. Their digestive system is designed for meat but they are dependent on bamboo having to eat for 14 hours or more a day in order to consume enough protein. Of this they may excrete 60 plus pounds daily. Even so, they will live until they are around 20 years, sometimes a little more in captivity.

They have been on the brink of extinction but very recently it was announced that their numbers were increasing thanks to preservation attempts. Inerestingly, their entire foot (toes and heel) touches the ground when walking, which is similar to the way humans, other bears, and rodents walk.


L. Hawkes

L. HawkesTeacher, Memphis
Teacher, Memphis

Answered on Aug 27, 2018

Pandas live almost in every continent but they originally came from Asia, particularly in China. All pandas that people see in sanctuaries in different countries are not bought and only borrowed from China. These cute mammals were given as gifts to leaders of different countries as a symbol of goodwill and friendship.

The United States, Korea, and the former Soviet Union were the first to receive the pandas. In 1982, the gifting of these creatures was put to halt as they have become endangered so the loan policy has started. Now, the answer is all of the above, pandas are originally and “owned” by China but every continent has a chance to borrow one.




Answered on Aug 23, 2017


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