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How many species of monkeys are there?

A. 55
B. 95
C. 125

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Answered on Aug 28, 2017

There are over 260 different species of monkey. This is probably one of the most expansive families of animals, so there’s no point in trying to list all the species here. However, a few of the more common kinds of monkeys seen around the world include the mandrill monkey (silverback gorillas, for example), the black howler, the macaque, the capuchin monkey, and the proboscis monkey.

The proboscis monkey is known for its long, almost cartoonish nose. There’s even a blue monkey that is lesser known to many people.However, almost all monkey species do live by a few of the same rules. The female is typically the more dominant in a relationship between monkeys, with them being the authority in the relationship and the group.



Answered on Aug 11, 2017


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