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What am I?

I have keys but no locks. I have space but no room. You can enter, but can’t go outside.

A. A keyboard

B. A computer

C. A calculator

D. A wheel

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Asked by Arnasjelle, Last updated: Jul 31, 2020

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8 Answers

Malcolm Carneal

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Malcolm Carneal, Digital Nomad, MCA, Hawick

Answered Mar 26, 2020

My answer to this is letter A. I feel that this is a keyboard because it says that there are keys, but there are no locks. It is obvious that there are keyboards that will have keys, but they do not have locks. There are a lot of people who need to use keyboards, especially when they need to type different documents.

There are some people who have keyboards whenever they use their laptops or their computers, but there are also some who would need to install other keyboards, especially when they are using their tablets or their smartphones for typing. Keyboards can make creating various documents and even playing games easier.



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Eturner, Emma, School, Kansas

Answered Mar 19, 2020

I think it's a keyboard because it has space as like a space barand it has no room for like no otherkeys

and it has no keys but it's called keyboard oh and the caps lock to why does it have a lock I studied technology So ya


Danny R. Glover

Danny R. Glover, Editor, New York City

Answered Mar 18, 2020

A is the answer to this question. You know that there are different keys that are available in the keyboard but it is obvious that there are no locks that are available. There are some people who would say that CAPS LOCK means that there is a lock on the keyboard but if you would check out the other choices, there will not be another answer that can fit well with the rest of the given details. A computer will not have keys. A calculator will not have keys. It will have buttons that you can press whenever there are some things that you need to solve. A wheel will obviously not fit the given clues.

F. Hope

F. Hope

Answered Mar 16, 2020

The correct answer to this question is A, a keyboard. The keys on the keyboard allow a person to type words on their computer. The space bar brings coherency to the words that are being typed because it separates the words and characters. The enter key on a keyboard is a command that sends the cursor to the next line. It can also be used to carry out a command like going to a page or searching for something. This type of question is a riddle. It is used to test one's knowledge of the keyboard. All of the other answers are incorrect because each one is missing one of the items mentioned.

Mal Evil😈

Mal Evil😈

Answered Feb 06, 2020

A keyboard is a correct answer.


Owen Durgin

Owen Durgin

Answered Oct 07, 2019

Its not a keyboard. It says, "I havekeys but no locks." But what about caps lock!?


Carice Snow

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Carice Snow, Motivator, MA, California

Answered May 22, 2019

The correct answer is option A A keyboard has keys but no locks, it has space but no room, It also has entered, but can’t go outside. This question is a pure adult riddle, testing your knowledge of the keyboard. A keyboard has several keys, it has a space bar, and it also has an enter key.

All other options are incorrect because a computer, calculator or a wheel have space bar or enter key on them although there are keys on a calculator as well. I hope you find this helpful.


John Smith

John Smith

Answered Jun 15, 2017

A keyboard.

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