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What is the symbol for Zinc?

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Asked by Babygirl_marie, Last updated: May 31, 2020

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H. Barnes

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H. Barnes, Unemployed, Barnes, Atlanta

Answered Apr 15, 2020

Zinc is a chemical element that is symbolized as Zn. It has an atomic number of 30; it is the first element on the 12th group of the periodic table. It has similar features with magnesium, which is also a chemical element.

They exhibit one oxidation state, and they are of a similar size. It is a bluish-white, radiant metal though most of the metal has a dense finishing; it makes up about 75 ppm of the earth’s crust.

Zinc can also be found in the soil, brass, bronze; it is also used for rust-resistant, it is the 24th most abundant chemical element in the world. Zinc has a tendency to break at a room temperature above 100 degrees Celsius.


Carice Snow

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Answered Jun 13, 2019

The correct answer to this question is Zn. Zinc is a chemical element, which has a silver/ gray appearance. Its' atomic number is 30, and it is group 12 of the periodic table. It is the first element in group 12. It is closely related to fellow element magnesium.

This is because they are about the same size and only have one oxidation state. Zinc can be found in many items, including brass, galvanizing, and bronze. It is most known as an agent for anti-corrosion. In the year 2009 alone, 893,000 tons of zinc metal was used for this purpose.


Barry Mclean

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Barry Mclean, Sales Manager, MBA, Ewa

Answered May 01, 2019

Zinc is traditionally denoted as Zn and therefore, the chemical symbol of zinc is Zn. It is a transition metal. Zinc has an atomic number of 30.

Zinc is similar to magnesium in chemical structure as both elements exhibit just one normal oxidation state of plus two (+2).

Zinc is brittle at room temperature and it becomes malleable when it gets above 100 degree Celsius.
Zinc belongs to group 12 elements, 4th period and the d block on the periodic table. Zinc is commonly used in galvanization when other metals are subjected to rusting.


John Adney

John Adney

Answered Feb 16, 2017


John Smith

John Smith

Answered Feb 04, 2017


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