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What is the best bodybuilding supplement?

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Asked by Dschepp, Last updated: May 13, 2020

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Answered Mar 22, 2020

Hi there, I am in the Bodybuilding field for the past 8 years and I will guide you exactly what supplements you should take for gaining muscle.

Supplements are not magical substance and if don't do good workout and decent dieting chances are that you won't get any result.

There are dozens of supplement but my top pickup will be following :


And if your workout is intense you can take one of the following for fast recovery :

  1. BCAA




Answered Sep 13, 2019

I have been using a brand from UK GO Nutrition which is actually pretty budget friendly and offers way premium quality than what Indian brands offer in the similar price. Check it out onBODY FUEL’s website where you would see a lot of international brands in great prices and 100% authentic as well. Recommending only because I am too tired of all these shitty Indian brands with boasty labels and no real content fooling the indian customers by offering huge discounts although they are not even worth 20% of the MRP’s they actually put. Go ahead try it out and then thank me later.



Knowledge Enthusiast, Knows A Lot of Stuff.

J.Spencer, Knowledge enthusiast, Tokyo

Answered Apr 27, 2018

Without any doubt, whey is the best bodybuilding supplement. I don’t know about other people but I personally prefer whey over other supplements. For those, who don’t know what whey is, it is the liquid residue that remains after milk has been curdled. It is a very important component as it pushes protein synthesis in the body.

Whey also tends to digest fast hence gets to protein synthesis faster and more efficiently. The peptides increase blood flow to the muscles. Casein is another milk protein that acts as a protein supplement. The thing that makes taking Casein a disadvantage is its slow digestion rate but it makes as a great supplement before sleep.

There are other protein supplements too but for me, these two are the perfect supplements.


John Smith

John Smith

Answered Jan 03, 2017

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