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What are some free live chat WordPress plugins?

Asked by M. Jabrowsky, Last updated: Jul 16, 2020

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Jason Grills

A technical writer currently associated with ProProfs. I like writing about emerging customer support products, trends in customer support.

Jason Grills, Technical Writer, Masters in Literature, Los Angeles, California

Answered Jun 22, 2020

There are various live chat plugin options available in the market. But I’d still recommend you to try ProProfs Live Chat plugin for your WordPress website.

Well, that’s probably because ProProfs Chat helps you to:

  • Create your support suite with powerful integrations

The live chat plugin supports 50+ integrations that allow you to create your own support bundle effectively. You get options like customer relationship management (CRM) system, help desk, knowledge base, survey maker, email marketing platforms and more.

  • Gather details on qualified leads

Features like pre-chat form and offline messages help you to capture qualified leads for the business via live chat. These leads can be approached later as they get stored automatically/manually in the CRM platform of your choice.

  • Consistent and active customer engagement

Get access to features like Chat Greetings and Announcement to constantly and consistently engage your website visitors and regular customers effectively. As one of the free live chat WordPress plugins online, ProProfs allows you to engage faster with website visitors and allows you to customize the conversation in no time.

  • Anytime, anywhere mobile support

Yes, one of my favorites has got to be the availability of the mobile app. ProProfs Chat isn’t just fast on your browsers but also on your mobiles. Your operators can answer questions no matter where they are and that too at customer’s convenience.

  • Great 24X7 support

It’s not just about enabling their clients to provide excellent 24X7 support for their customers. The same applies to the company that offers such tools too. And that’s what ProProfs believes in. The customer support tool provider believes in offering 24X7 support to their clients to make sure that they overcome any roadblocks at their comfortable timings.

These and its pricing sets ProProfs Chat apart from other live chat WordPress plugin competitors such as:

  • LiveChat

  • Zendesk Chat

  • Intercom

  • Drift

  • Comm100

And more such competitors that you can check out in the list of top 20 live chat plugins for WordPress websites. It will help you understand what all different plugins have to offer you in comparison to ProProfs Chat.


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