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What is the difference between Baptism and Christening?

Asked by Isa , Last updated: Jul 21, 2020

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B. Strickland

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B. Strickland, Sales Manager, MBA, Houston

Answered Jun 11, 2020

Baptism is the Christian rite of admission and adoption into Christianity by a sacrament or ordinance performed by either sprinkling of water or immersing the body either wholly or partially. The gospels in the bible recount that John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

Baptism is also called Christening for the baptism of infants. Infants have no sin, and baptism serves as their welcoming into the church and to be protected by Jesus as their savior. When adults are baptized, they are forgiven for their sins and accept Jesus as their savior.


G. Roland

G. Roland, Professor, Austin

Answered Jun 11, 2020

Christianity is the top religion practiced all over the words. Those who practice this religion believe in Jesus Christ and follow their word of the holy book the Bible. Christianity has a number of rituals they perform to show the relationship between the human and God.

Baptism is one ritual, where a person formally accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior and commit to staying faithful to him. A person is normally baptized in water, to symbolize being born again. Baptism can occur at any time in a person's life. A Christening is only done to babies. Normally water is poured over their head, and it is their first introduction to Jesus.


B. Mary

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B. Mary, Health Care manager, MHA(Master's In Healthcare Administration), Raleigh, North Carolina

Answered Jun 09, 2020

Baptism refers to a Christian ceremony that is done in different ways depending on the doctrinal belief of the particular church. Some do this by totally immersing the body into the water, a sprinkling of water, or pouring water on the body three times, all in a ceremonial manner.

Baptism simply symbolizes that a believer is dead to his or her past sinful life, and now coming alive in Christ as a new creation. On the other hand, christening refers to a process whereby a newly born baby is named and welcomed into the church. It does not necessarily need water to be involved, like baptism.

Some Christian congregations also believe in what is called infant baptism or pedobaptism, whereby a baby can also be baptized, whereas an adult that just gets converted into the body of Christ can only be baptized and not christened. Many churches do not believe in pedobaptism; they set a minimum age for the baptism of the child instead, at his or her own will.


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