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What is the difference between Bluetooth and Wireless?

Asked by Jenske , Last updated: Aug 07, 2020

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B. Strickland

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B. Strickland, Sales Manager, MBA, Houston

Answered Jun 11, 2020

The critical difference between the two of them is when it comes to speed and range. Bluetooth is intended for communicating between two devices only. Its range was intentionally reduced to diminish security problems. With wireless, a greater range is preferred since it will allow for greater mobility to those who are connected to the router. Speed is also an essential variable for wireless networking, as it means the faster transfer of files and more users that can be adapted at once.

Bluetooth does not necessitate that much bandwidth since the quantity of data that is usually being transmitted is very low. The most common use of Bluetooth is a cable replacement. The use of Bluetooth includes the following, headsets, mice, and GPS receivers, game console controllers. The number of devices that have Bluetooth is far more than those who have a wireless LAN. Bluetooth is also less expensive.


G. Roland

G. Roland, Professor, Austin

Answered Jun 11, 2020

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are two ways that devices can connect to one another. They are both done wirelessly. Bluetooth is low bandwidth. It is great for connecting a phone to a speaker or a phone to a printer, which does not require much connection. Wi-Fi is high bandwidth.

It can also be used for connecting the devices mentioned but is more prominent in connecting higher used devices such as computers. The reason for this is that Wi-Fi gives a higher range. The devices can be up to 100 meters apart, whereas with Bluetooth it only gives the range for up to 10 meters.


C. Adlai

A professional and experienced software developer with amateur writing.

C. Adlai, Software Developer, B.E (Bachelor of Engineering), California, USA

Answered Jun 09, 2020

Wireless is a term used to refer generally to all means of communication that use electromagnetic waves. Examples of this include satellites, TV, GPS, and radios. Moreover, many people actually refer to Wi-Fi as wireless. That is not so wrong. Wireless is commonly used to connect a device such as a computer or a phone to a network, whereas Bluetooth is usually used to create a platform for connection between two devices such as your phones, computers, and some headset as well.

Nevertheless, Bluetooth works within a short-range, like few meters between two devices, basically. Conversely, wireless functions on a longer range than Bluetooth, depending on the strength of the source and network most times. Wireless can also be used among more than two users.

For wireless to function well, it needs to be fast, which basically depends on the strength of the network source; whereas Bluetooth does not have any requirement of such, you may just only need to bring the two devices closer.


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