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What is the difference between Observation and Inference?

Asked by Lynn , Last updated: Jul 28, 2020

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M. Delilah

M. Delilah

Answered Jun 26, 2020

Observation and inference are different words with exactly different meanings. However, Observation and inference are important aspects of the experiment. Observation is a process of collecting information about a particular person, thing, or environment. Observation means taking a close look at the environment and examining the activities of your environment.

Observation includes using your five sense organ to bring out meanings from your environment. People observe in different ways. The inference is the conclusion drawn from evidence and reasoning or collected information. The inference is a process that involves the brain. The inference is an explanation of the collected data, and observation is just a description of real-life incidents. Theoretically, the inference is drawn from deduction and induction. To draw an inference, an observation is needed.


E. Jonathan

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Answered Jun 08, 2020

Observation is described as the process of collecting information, while inference is defined as a process of making decisions about the collected information. Observation can also be indicated as a close watch of the world around you through the senses. Observation is the Segway toward inference. In other words, it provides the right material for inference.

Observation changes from one person to another. The inference is the conclusion that is made after watching. Inference, in some ways, is only a guess determined from observation. The more focused a person is, the better the inference will be. Observers should not only have a keen eye to observe things, but also the ability to pay attention to every detail.


B. Lucian

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Answered Jun 05, 2020

Since the usage of these two terms 'observation' and 'inference' is not limited to a particular field, I will try to explain some of their differences from my little knowledge about some chemistry practical I did while in school. During experiments that are centered on qualitative analysis of chemicals, observation and inference are two important aspects of the experiments. Observation requires that you take note of certain changes that are occurring during the time you are carrying out the test.

After this stage, you are expected to conclude about the possible result of the test. This is what inference is all about. We can say observation is the process that involves the collection of data, while inference has to do with making decisions or assumptions from the data which you have collected. After the actual test, observation is a very important aspect that should not be joked with, because you will need it to draw your inference.


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