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What is the difference between Journal and Diary?

Asked by Jasmijn , Last updated: Jul 16, 2020

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N. Jarah

N. Jarah

Answered Jun 26, 2020

Diaries and journals are used for writing and recording situations or happenings. A diary is a record of a person’s daily activities and experience; a dairy can be referred to as a journal, but a journal cannot be called a diary. A diary can be a book for reference, for example, writing about an agreement with someone and they happen to be a misunderstanding, you can refer to your diary for clearance.

This means a diary includes every detail of a person's activities. A journal is also used to record daily activities and events; it can also be a magazine or newspaper about a specific topic. Journals can be referred to when you are trying to discover more about someone because they include random things like pictures, ideas, memories, hobbies, and anything else which portrays the person’s personality.


A. Boaz

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Answered Jun 11, 2020

A journal is a book of poems expressing your thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, and personal dreams and achievements. In a diary, you typically write about what you dd that day. In a journal, however, you could write about a single occurrence of an event, or how the event made you feel. On the other hand, many people keep diaries for multiple purposes.

For example, most weight loss programs require you to keep a food diary or a list of everything you ate that day. Along the same lines, an exercise diary is something else you can keep. This way, you can look at your progress from day to day and see how strong you are. Journals are more free flowing, as they do not require editing. You can even get creative and put photos in it, sketches and poems.


C. Lucan

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Answered Jun 07, 2020

When talking about a journal, you are majorly referring to a book that contains poems that express one's feelings, fears, emotions, and thoughts that are very intimate. On the other hand, a diary is just referring to something like news reporting about you. The things you write in a diary are your to-do lists, the things you have done, and probably the stuff you have experienced too.

Meanwhile, a journal is a place where you express your feelings and emotions in written form—the use of these two aids the growth of one in several aspects of life. In a journal, you do not need to really exercise discipline in your writing. You just pick up your pen and write anything that comes to your head and mind pertaining to the events you want to write on. Conversely, writing in a diary is a bit different. It takes discipline as you put down the points in a more mature manner.


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