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What is the difference between Gyro and Souvlaki?

Asked by Isa , Last updated: Aug 04, 2020

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M. Delilah

M. Delilah

Answered Jun 28, 2020

A gyro is usually made with beef, lamb, pork, or chicken. It is a popular fast food in Greek; the meat is usually sauced with Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, cinnamon, curry, thyme, turmeric, and also oregano. Gyros is popularly known more than souvlaki all over the world, especially in the United States. Souvlaki is a popular food in Greek; in some restaurants, you will see in the menu souvlaki as souvlaki pita or souvlaki portion.

It is usually made with pork or chicken most times though other meat can still be used, such as lamb or beef. The souvlaki is usually served with fried potatoes, pita bread, and also vegetables. Always put it in mind that the souvlaki portion is expensive than souvlaki pita. The major difference is that souvlaki is made with small pieces of grilled meat on a stick and while gyros consist of slices of meat shaved from a vertical rotisserie.


C. Adlai

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C. Adlai, Software Developer, B.E (Bachelor of Engineering), California, USA

Answered Jun 11, 2020

A gyro is Greek food that is prepared with roasted meat and is served inside a pocket of bread. Tomatoes, onions, and sauce often accompany it. The meat pieces are sliced and roasted by maintaining them close to an electric broiler. Most pieces when they are well cooked are situated inside of pita bread, specifically.

The bread is typically oiled and grilled along with everything that goes inside it. Souvlaki is a Greek dish that includes skewered pieces of meat that are served on ether pita bread or on a bowl of rice. The meat can be pork, lamb, or beef. Souvlaki is considered to be a fast food dish in Greece.


F. Manasseh

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Answered Jun 09, 2020

Gyro is very special and delicious and has its source from Greece, it comprises of meats onions, tomato, and tzatziki sauce, and it is usually served with bread popularly called "pita." It is basically prepared with pork meat while preparing it, the meats are sliced on a large spatter which keeps rolling as the heat is being applied, a number of sauces, butter is added after this process, and it is being shoved inside the pita bread. It is the main dish, and its derivatives are sharwama and the tacos of Mexico.

Souvlaki, on the other hand, is also a special delicacy, but it is more of a street-side food, while gyro is prepared mainly of pork, it can be prepared using a number of meats ranging from chicken, fish, beef and so on. Souvlaki is prepared through a skewing process as the meats are chopped into cubes made to undergo heat. This delicacy, when done, can go well with vegetables, potatoes, and a number of sauces.


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