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What is the real name of Monkey Pokémon?

Asked by Marlon , Last updated: Jun 09, 2020

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mitchell li

Mitchell li

Answered Jun 16, 2020

Zarude is the monkey pokemon


F. Daniel

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F. Daniel, Content Optimization Executive, Diploma in Journalism, California

Answered May 19, 2020

The monkey Pokemon's have many names because there are sixteen of them. One of those names is Panpour. Some of the monkey's are related to an element of Earth. Panpour's element is water. When the monkey is exposed to a water stone, it turns into Simipour.

This monkey that it turns into, Simipour, is blue and has dreadlocks that are also blue. There is also a purple monkey which is Aipom. Another type of monkey Pokemon is Chimchar. Its element is fire. It starts off at level 14 and as time goes on and it evolves into Infernape, it then goes to level 36.


Peyton Berrymore

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Answered May 12, 2020

Have you ever wondered if there is any monkey Pokemon? You will not be disappointed because there are actually quite a few that you can find. One of the most known monkey Pokemon right now is called Panpour. This is also known as Hiyappu in Japanese.

This Pokemon is rather new, especially since it was just announced in Generation V. This may be a monkey that, in reality would usually live on land. This type of Pokemon is a Water Pokemon. It comes with a lot of moves that the other monkey Pokemon may not have. You can actually take note of the different monkey Pokemon that have been introduced and be surprised that there are actually quite a lot.


E. Dixon

E. Dixon

Answered May 11, 2020

There are a lot of people who are familiar with Pokemon, but there are some who may particularly like Pokemon depending on what animals they are based on. Monkey pokemon are also available. The first monkey Pokemon is called Panpour.

This is a type of water Pokemon that can evolve into another type of monkey called Simipour. This will only happen if it is exposed to a water stone. The monkey Pokemon is also called an elemental Pokemon alongside other elemental Pokemon called Pansear, which is a fire type Pokemon and Pansage, a grass type Pokemon. Which among the three elemental Pokemon do you consider to be your favorite?


H. Martin

H. Martin, Content Writer, Charlotte

Answered May 05, 2020

Aerangatang, simipour, Infernape, Chim Cahr, Pan -o l-antern, Pasage, Pansear, and Primeape. One example of a real named monkey pokemon is Pan-olantern. He has a black pumpkin on his head with a face on it. The blackness streams down and all over its face. Its face is the color grey, and it has two eggs and a mouth that changes depending on Pokémon.

He is also known as the Death Monkey. ChimChar has orange arms, legs, and the hair on its head is orange. It is face, hands and feet are cream-colored, and it has flame-like hair tuft at the top of his head. Aerangatang resembles a kid-sized monkey. It has brown skin with wrinkles around its eyes, which are black. It wears a dark green leather jacket. Infernape has the appearance of a brown and white ape, and his head appears to be on fire. It has white fur surrounding its face.


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