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What is Automation?

Asked by M. Wright, Last updated: Feb 18, 2020

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Answered Jan 24, 2020

Automation is the use of computer-controlled devices and electronics to assume control of processes. The aim is to boost efficiency and reliability. It should be noted that in most cases, automation replaces labor. In many manufacturing companies today, labor has been replaced with machines to carry out human tasks progressively. Automation encompasses many key elements, job functions, and systems in virtually all industries. It is most common in facility operations, manufacturing, and transportation section. In recent years, automation has shifted most office workers from a fixed 9-5 routine to a flexible working environment, such as working at home while the computer does the rest. Before now, banking can only be done physically, but now, banking can equally be done anytime, anywhere, via the automated teller machine or mobile apps (since these machines have been automated to carry out the tasks they were designed to do. Automation, although it has its advantages nevertheless, has led to quite a number of the populace losing their jobs.

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Answered Jan 08, 2020

Automation is the creation and application of technology in processes in order to improve results. Automation usually involves reduced human intervention to a minimum. Automation is gradually creeping into also industry and workplaces. This is dramatically changing our society as machines are outperforming humans.

Automation often involves the use of machinery, electronics, and computer-controlled devices to control procedures. It replaces manual labor for automatic processes. These devices function automatically without continues control by an operator. Automation leads to higher output, better efficient use of materials, increase level of productivity, boost reliability, better product quality, lower operating costs, and improves workers' safety.


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