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What is the best online classroom software "virtual classroom"?

Asked by Mike John, Last updated: Jan 23, 2020

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Anika Nicole

Content Writer, Teacher

Anika Nicole, Wordsmith, PG In Journalism, New York

Answered Dec 20, 2019

EZ Talks Webinar is one of the most intelligent learning software for free in the world. The free version allows teachers to host classes made up of about 100 students, and the paid version at affordable prices enable prices up to 10,000 students. ezTalks Webinar delivers impeccable audio and video quality, so students can be assured they will have a fruitful learning experience.

You can be part of an interactive virtual classroom, sharing screens and whiteboards, which can encourage effective online communication. The platform also has a recording and playback feature. This feature permits the teacher or host to share recording file links on different platforms for larger crowds. Those who can’t make it to class can join the live class and may be able to download the recording files for playback.


Yash Mathers

I'm a professional writer. I express through my blog and I keep searching for fresh content over the Internet.

Yash Mathers, Content Writer, Diploma in Literature, Austin,Texas

Answered Dec 18, 2019

Virtual Classroom is an online learning platform that provides the learners with a live interaction environment with their tutors as they are willing to participate in the learning activities. Virtual Classrooms have become quite a thing now within a few years of its invention.

Some of the best Virtual Classroom software are :

  • ezTalks Webinar -ezTalks cloud video conferencing is widely popular and the most reliable software ever used for students as well as the instructors. This software is good in all types of businesses i.e., small or large.
  • Blackboard collaborate- It is an online platform that allows users to share online meeting space for presentation sharing material and communication with almost every other participant.
  • Adobe Connect- It is a software used for creating information and sharing it with the users across desktops, all meeting rooms are well organized into pods with every pod performing several roles.
  • Google Hangout -You can use Hangout for sharing your video across the user using the "Trailer" feature, or you can upload the video to YouTube.

E. Reyes

Here for the daily dose of fresh knowledge

E. Reyes, Computer Engineer, MCA, Exeter

Answered Dec 17, 2019

First, it is important to understand what a virtual classroom is. Virtual classrooms are online learning platforms that allow both teachers and students to communicate, collaborate, explain, and share ideas. Virtual classroom software is any software designed for online teaching. These tools facilitate and improve virtual learning.

There are many forms of virtual classroom software out there that you can choose for virtual learning purposes. Some of the top virtual classroom software you can try include: Google Hangouts is one of the easiest and basic ways to have a virtual classroom. However, Google Hangout is not suitable for larger classes, and you would have to integrate additional tools such as Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and so on to make this effective.

Train center Software: This Software is a very effective form of virtual learning. It allows multiple language support. Teachers are able to monitor every single learner’s progress along the course. You can also have customized achievement certificates included in your courses.

Electa Live is a virtual classroom software to try. Electa Live offers up to 14-day free trial. This Software has special features such as file sharing, annotation tools, screen sharing, online polls, interactive whiteboards, and breakout rooms.

Other software to try is Adobe Connect, LearnCube, Vedamo, BigBlueButton, Newrow, Edvance360 Learning Management Software, and ezTalks.


B. Strickland

Ask me anything!

B. Strickland, Sales Manager, MBA, Houston

Answered Dec 17, 2019

In the era of technology, you can easily get whatever you want without going out of your room. The same thing is applicable to the teaching and learning process, as you can easily get caught and helped with whatever problems you're having in your studies without the normal teacher-student interaction that works in the four corners of your classroom.

The best online classroom software that I can recommend to anybody is ezTalks Webinar. ezTalks Webinar is not only a popular online classroom software but also the perfect one for you. With this virtual classroom software, schools can easily conduct live classes and pass onto their viewers the right information that will help them in their studies.

This software has a lot of amazing features that will help you to interact more with your instructor as though the whole thing is happening physically. ezTalks Webinar is an inexpensive virtual classroom software that gives you the opportunity to set your courses based on your time zone.


G. Roland

G. Roland, Professor, Austin

Answered Dec 24, 2019

As far as virtual classroom software is concerned, ezTalks webinar is nothing but the best. I've tried so many online classroom software, but ezTalks is arguably the best if truly you want to experience an organized learning environment whenever you're connected to the internet. ezTalks Webinar has so many features that will effectively give you the right information that you need as far as your study is concerned.

The software is good for both the instructor and the learners. As an instructor, you can organize a class of more than 5000 students. This is still okay as you will be able to monitor their progress. There is a free version of this software; other plans are also available. ezTalks will also provide you with the right statistics that will show how your students are keeping to their lecturers. There are features that will enable interactive whiteboard, instant messaging, screen sharing, etc.


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