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What are the effects of overpopulation?

Asked by R. Jones, Last updated: Jan 25, 2020

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Answered Jan 16, 2020

There are many effects that occur due to overpopulation. Technology has helped with overpopulation and helping those living in those regions increase their standard of living. However, overpopulation can still be very harmful to certain sections of society. One of the effects is unequal opportunities to those living in the region. For example, it is mandatory for students to attend school.

In an overpopulated region, the classrooms are fuller, and the students are unable to get the unique educational experience of not having an overpacked school. Another effect is hunger and starvation, due to not enough food being produced to equal the amount of people in the region.


D. Peter

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Answered Dec 17, 2019

While new technologies have increased the overall standard of living, overpopulation will harm individual sections of society and decrease their standard of living. It is a result of unequal opportunities and access to facilities. Without a rise in food production that balances out with the population of people, starvation and hunger will become more common place.

The lack of food could actually lead to war and the imminent collapse of developing nations. This discord could also incite riots and trigger violence in those who are suffering from starvation and poverty. As the availability of adequate medical care, food, and daily essentials ping pong back and forth due to population increases and migration, low-income families might not be able to afford the basic necessities of life.


B. Lucian

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Answered Dec 10, 2019

The population is starting to balloon from before especially in certain areas. There is a bigger chance that people’s quality of life in overpopulated areas will be compromised. When the resources that are available in one area will not be enough to support the needs of the people, problems will surely begin. One of the most common results is having a poor environment.

There are more people who will be living in poverty and they have no choice but to go through with it because they do not have enough. Another main cause is pollution. People who are living in overpopulated areas may not have the right places to defecate and throw their trash which means that they will be living their dirt everywhere. The exposure to dirty items can result in more people getting sick but most overpopulated areas will not have adequate healthcare.


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