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What is the best live chat for sales?

Asked by Jason Grills, Last updated: Jan 10, 2020

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D. Jewel

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D. Jewel, Assistant Manager, MA in English, California

Answered Dec 09, 2019

I’d recommend that you give ProProfs Chat a try.

It’s not just a support tool but also allows an organization to identify and capture sales opportunities.

You may ask how. Well, it isn’t that tough.

ProProfs Chat allows you to integrate powerful platforms like CRM, help desk, knowledge base and survey maker that create the perfect concoction for increased sales.

Let’s take a look at how integrations help you boost your sales.

  • With a CRM integration as powerful as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce, you get the opportunity to identify the purchasing patterns of your customers. Based on that you can suggest product recommendations to your customers via automatic greetings on their next visit. Basically, you get to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities once you integrate ProProfs Chat with CRM platform.

  • Integrate a Help Desk ticketing system with ProProfs Chat to never miss out on a customer query. In case your operators are offline, you can set an offline message that will automatically convert into a support ticket in your help desk integration. This way your operators can reach out to your customers once they come online and make sure that no one leaves your business without a solution.

    This prompts your customers to return to your business every time and ultimately purchase products and services from your brand.

  • A knowledge base integration with live chat software allows you to provide self-help repository for customers where they can find instant answers to the frequently asked questions. ProProfs Live Chat allows you to add the repository to the chat window, where visitors can even use the search box to find answers to questions that they can’t see links to in the chat window.

    A ready-to-use repository makes it possible for your customers to find instant answers to their questions. This instills confidence in them that they’ll find answers to all their questions and could make an informed investment decision. Ultimately your business can witness its sales growing over a period of time.

  • Customer feedback plays an important role to improve your products and services effectively. With a survey maker integration, you get to capture valuable feedback from customers once a chat comes to an end. Although ProProfs Chat offers an operator feedback form that also helps to capture insightful feedback from customers. But you can create your custom post-chat survey form and add its URL in the chat software.

    With improved products and services, you can convince your customers to actually purchase from your business, thus increasing your sales.

Other than these integrations, there is a list of features that help your operators to boost sales during an ongoing conversation. You can take a look at the complete list of features and product pricing here.

I hope this helps you!


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