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Who developed Shenmue 3?

Asked by A. Boaz, Last updated: Apr 28, 2020

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Anika Nicole

Content Writer, Teacher

Anika Nicole, Wordsmith, PG In Journalism, New York

Answered Jan 07, 2020

Shenmue 3 was developed by Ys Net. Whatever led to the late release of Shenmue 3 can only be explained by the developer because it actually took Ys Net eighteen years to build Shenmue 3. The second video game of Shenmue was released in 2001. The amazing thing about the original Shenmue video game is that it was the most expensive game during that period after a whopping $47 million was spent on it.

Shenmue is an action-adventure game, and Ys Net has also promised beautiful landscapes that will make the video game more interesting. The game is centered majorly on Ryo, a young martial artist who is ready to find the person that killed his father. Ryo's father was killed in Shenmue 2, and a lot of people still believe that Ryo's father was killed because of an artifact that was Ryo's father. Ryo is now in China in search for those who killed his father.


Chris Evins

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Chris Evins, College Student, Schooling, Wolverhampton

Answered Dec 02, 2019

The upcoming Action-adventure game, Shenmue 3, was developed by Ys Net and Neilo. Other key members from the original Shenmue team also contributed to the development process.

Shenmue 3 was written by Masahiro Yoshimoto. Character design was done by Kenji Miyawaki, and it can compose Ryuji Iuchi.

Masaya Matsukaze and Corey Marshall reprise their roles as Japanese and English voices of Ryo Hazuki, respectively. Keiji Okayasu was also a key contributor to the development of this video game.

Shenmue 3 is set to be released on November 19, 2019, on PC and Play Station 4. Shenmue 3 is an upcoming action-adventure game and a sequel of Shenmue series video game.


R. Tanner

R. Tanner

Answered Nov 27, 2019

Shenmue actually has three developers namely: YS Net, Neilo, and YSNet Inc. There are a lot of people who like this game series because they want to make sure that they will know how the story will unfold.

For those who do not know, the story is about the quest of Ryo Hazuki. He would like to find the killer of his father who was murdered. The last Shenmue series was released back in 2018 and it was able to get a following so people are truly looking forward to Shenmue III.

People are wondering though if this would be the last game in the series but according to the developers, this is only the beginning of the end of the game. There are still going to be more that will be released in the long run.


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