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What is Pokémon Sleep?

Asked by Yash Mathers, Last updated: Jun 11, 2020

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F. Manasseh

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F. Manasseh, Software Developer, B.E (Bachelor of Engineering), Tallahassee, Florida

Answered Dec 11, 2019

Pokémon Sleep is a part of the Pokémon series, which is yet to be released. It is a highly anticipated iOS and Android game. The Pokémon Company is the publisher of the Pokémon sleep game. The game is being developed currently by Select Button and being assisted by Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go. The Chief Executive Officer of Pokémon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara, made the announcement of the game on the 28th of May 2019.

The announcement can be found on the company's twitter page as it was made in Tokyo during a press conference. The Pokémon Company is planning to release the Pokémon sleep game in the year 2020. Pokémon sleep is a single-player game that tracks the time used by the user to sleep. This Pokémon Company’s game is making walking and sleeping fun through this game. It is a unique and uncommon idea, a game that is worth anticipating.


F. Hope

F. Hope

Answered Dec 05, 2019

Pokemon Sleep is a new mobile game made by Select Button alongside Niantic, which is the creator of the mobile game Pokemon Go. Pokemon Sleep was announced on May 28, 2019, by Tsunekazu Ishihara, who is the CEO of the Pokémon Company. If you remember, Pokemon Go was a game that focused on people walking to various places to catch different types of Pokemon.

The mobile app (Pokemon Sleep) is set to be released in summer 2020 on Android and iOS. Pokemon Sleep is part of the Pokemon Series. So far, it is believed that Pokemon Sleep is a game that is set to tracks how much sleep the user gets using the accelerometer of the accessory of the external Pokemon Go Plus +


L. Laurel

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L. Laurel, Assistant Manager, MBA (Marketing), California

Answered Nov 27, 2019

Pokemon Sleep is a new game that will be released by the creators of Pokemon Go. With Pokemon Go, the main goal of people is to walk to various places so that they can catch different Pokemon.

The main concept of Pokemon Sleep is not very clear yet, but it is obvious that people would need to sleep so that they can start getting some rewards. This may be released in the summer of 2020, but there is no exact date yet.

People can only speculate when exactly this will become available. The main tagline of the game is to “turn to sleep into entertainment.”


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