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Who developed Death Stranding?

Asked by Yash Mathers, Last updated: May 23, 2020

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F. Manasseh

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F. Manasseh, Software Developer, B.E (Bachelor of Engineering), Tallahassee, Florida

Answered Dec 11, 2019

Death Stranding is a video game developed by Hideo Kojima. Death Stranding is the first game of Kojima productions after they got separated from Konami in 2015. The development of this game actually took Hideo Kojima a lot of time. Death Stranding was released on November 8, 2019, by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The released version of Death Stranding cannot work on all devices; it can only work on PlayStation 4.

However, PC users do not have to worry about anything because the PC version of the game will be ready by 2020, although the actual date for its release has not been released. The game is based on the post-apocalyptic USA and the various events that are most likely to be experienced. A deliveryman is actually on a mission to rebuild and reunite the cities of America by traveling across the country. However, different powerful explosions raised some supernatural ghosts back to life, and work becomes more tedious for the deliveryman.


F. Hope

F. Hope

Answered Dec 05, 2019

Kojima Productions!
Death Stranding was developed by Kojima Productions, of which Hideo Kojima is the president. Hideo Kojima is a well-known Japanese Video game designer, writer, and producer. To do that, I do not know Hideo Kojima; he once worked with Konami. He was the developer of the popular “Metal Gear” game.

Hideo Kojima was a star game designer while he was with Konami. Hideo split from his former publisher, Konami happened in October 2015. He's started his own publishing company known as Kojima Productions.

Death Stranding happens to be the first game developed by Hideo Kojima since his split with Konami. The game was released on November 8, 2019, by Sony Entertainment.


Larry Thornton

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Larry Thornton, Student, MBA, Los Angles

Answered Nov 28, 2019

Death Stranding was developed by Kojima Productions. This action is the first game developed by Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions since its split from the previous publisher, Konami.

Death Stranding was November 8, 2019, by Sony Interactive Entertainment for Play Station 4. In this video game, the user plays as a “delivery man” that connects America by carrying boxes from and to empty warehouses that many miles apart.

Death Stranding is a game that is based on making “connections.” The game is set in a desolate area that is empty of life and full of an empty landscape. It’s the player’s duty to move from one point to another to deliver the packages.


L. Laurel

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L. Laurel, Assistant Manager, MBA (Marketing), California

Answered Nov 27, 2019

The developer of Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima. For those who are not too familiar with him, he is one of the people who worked for Konami before.

This game is the first game that he created in the year 2015 after the disbandment from the company. This is created under Kojima Productions, and a lot of people do not know how to feel about this game.

Some people find it a bit weird because you are required to hide from the beings that you would like to fight until the time comes when you have no choice but to be in combat. A lot of people also find it weird that they have to reconnect different cities and society in general.


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