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Why Are Warehouse Robots Becoming Smarter With Technology Advancements?

Asked by Yemonarnold, Last updated: Nov 06, 2019

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Answered on Nov 02, 2019

With the emerging new technologies and trends, the warehousing industry is changing hugely. It provides a lot for warehouses as well as business operations', which are seeking to increase their productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. Everything from warehouse robots and automated picking and shipping systems is now available in the market so that you can improve the efficiency of operation.

And, as warehouse robots become increasingly smarter, more flexible, and agile, they are expanding far into the realm of the supply chain. It ranges from AGVs (automated guided vehicles), collaborative robotics weapons or drones. Robotics, being a trendy technology, is driving a whole new level of productivity and efficacy for the supply chain industry.

According to a recent study conducted by a reputed marketing intelligence company, the number of robots used in warehouses in 2021 is expected to increase nearly 15-fold to 620,000 in the coming four years, compared to 40,000 in 2016. Also, the next five years are called the "time of significant innovation." During that time, robotics processes would be "faster, safer, and more productive.''

With improved vision and processing, warehouse robots are getting smoothed

A large number of warehouses are increasingly using in-warehouse robots and AGVs to reduce human movements, as well as materials and things around facilities. They are not only transferring material operators around warehouses but also driving carts for goats. With ultimate intelligence, predictability, and small size, these bots were made less sensitive and dangerous than in previous years. The small "associate bots," also known as cobots, are capable of working safely in and around humans.

With technology-advances, bots are becoming more flexible, smaller, and smarter. They are now able to find more applications throughout the warehouse and handle more complex tasks with better vision and accuracy. They can quickly and easily select and move objects of different sizes and weights.

Autonomous mobile robots in a warehouse:

Autonomous mobile robots in a warehouse are using goods to man technology to offer a vast range of services. This technique involves the entire process of accepting the package, transporting it to the appropriate location, and then receiving the order as per demand. Robots have shown high efficiency when automating this system, and the adoption of technology has confirmed what was missing in the system earlier. Reasons for switching to such systems are:

Reduce manual labor dependency:

The system operated by the robot reduces the need for manual intervention to almost zero levels. It means that areas that lack manual labor can also be used to create holding centers. Along with this, there are so many benefits of adopting this technology solution.


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