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Who are the main characters in 13 Reasons Why?

Asked by Carice Snow, Last updated: Feb 19, 2020

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J. Rogers

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J. Rogers, Rosshazlewood, MA, Birmingham

Answered Dec 02, 2019

The TV series, 13 Reasons Why have many characters. However, it’s very easy to keep track of them.

The main characters in the TV series are:

Hannah Baker played by Katherine Langford
Clay Jenson played by Dylan Minnette
Justin Foley played by Brandon Flynn
Jessica Davis played by Alisha Boe
Alex Standall
Bryce Walker played by Justin Prentice
Tony played by Christian Navarro
Andy Baker played by Brian d'Arcy James
Mrs. Baker played by Kate Walsh
Sheriff Holland played by Ajiona Alexus
Jeff Atkins played by Brandon Larracuente
The vice-principal played by Kimiko Gelman and many more.


C. Adlai

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Answered Nov 05, 2019

The characters in the 13 Reasons Why series are Katherine Langford, who acted as Hannah Baker, Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen, Christian Navarro as Tony, Ajiona Alexus as Sheri Holland, Brandon Larracuente as Jeff Atkins, Sosie Bacon as Skye Miller, Uriah Shelton as Pratters, Allison Miller as Sonya Stuhl, Amy Hargreaves as Lainie Jensen, Derek Luke as Mr. Porter, Kimiko Gelman as Vice-Principal Jane Childs, Jillian Nordby as Amanda K.

Cheerleader, Brian d’Arcy James as Andy Baker, Brandon Flynn as Justin, Parminder Nagra as Priya Singh, Kate Walsh as Mrs. Baker, Nina Cheek (Student #3), Sullivan Rutherford (Student #2), Michael Sadler (Student #1), Justin Prentice as Bryce, Kyra Cromwell as Cheerleader, Alisha Boe as Jessica, Devin Druid as Tyler, and Ross Butler as Zach. These listed above are the main characters in the 13 Reasons Why Series. There are some more characters in the movie series, but these are the ones that actually do feature most in the season movie.


A. Boaz

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Answered Nov 04, 2019

The thing about 13 Reasons Why is that there are a lot of characters, but it will be easy to keep track of all of them. The main character may be Hannah, who is the main protagonist of the story, although she is already dead. Clay Jensen is also another main character because he was the one who started watching the tapes.

Tony is the close friend of Clay and was helpful in receiving the second set of tapes that Hannah made before she passed. Bryce Walkers is also a main character because he is the main antagonist of the story. One thing that can be said about the series is that it can be very depressing because it talks about the loss of hope in general.


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