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Why should/shouldn't I watch 13 Reasons Why?

Asked by Carice Snow, Last updated: Jan 24, 2020

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C. Adlai

A professional and experienced software developer with amateur writing.

C. Adlai, Software Developer, B.E (Bachelor of Engineering), California, USA

Answered Nov 05, 2019

To be frank, I can't advise anybody to watch 13 reasons why you can only be advised to watch it if you think everything I'm about to say about the show is a lie. I actually watched it because I wanted to be sure of the negative comments and reviews which I've read about the show. Honestly, the series started strongly with bad things happening around Clay.

How those mysterious things were presented looks very shallow to me, I think they should have done more on getting to the depth of those things and by coming up with stories that will interest you. Apart from the first episode of the series and the last episode of the first season, the rest of the episodes are just too weak. I personally expected the show to have ended with the first season, but I think the surprise or suspense that was built up in the last episode of the first season is what led to the creation of season 2.


A. Boaz

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A. Boaz, Mechanical Engineer, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Atlanta, Georgia

Answered Nov 04, 2019

One of the reasons why you should not watch “13 Reasons Why” is because the whole series is trying to show you that there are people who should be blamed for the death of Hannah. Instead of trying to let people realize that there are signs and symptoms of depression, the series is trying to make someone become blamed.

Being kind to someone does not mean that it will help cure people’s depression. Being kind does not mean that someone will break free from depression easily. If you are someone who is easily swayed by what you see on television, you should not watch anymore. It might make you think of other thoughts.


A. Lucius

Being a content writer, I keep looking for fresh and unique content and I think Discuss is my go to every time

A. Lucius, Senior Content writer, Diploma in Literature, Dover, Delaware

Answered Nov 01, 2019

If you have watched previous seasons of 13 Reasons Why, I do not think you will like this one. For every new season of a TV show or movie, everyone expects that the sequel will live up to the expectations and do better than the previous seasons. This is not the case for season three of 13 Reasons Why. The season is full of sad teenagers weep over their problems here and there.

There was a ridiculous number of issues. The entire season focuses on the death of Bryce Walker, who was a serial rapist and a rich sociopath. The storyline of the season is poor. What could have been one or two episodes was dragged for 13 full-length episodes? I will not advise anyone to watch the third season.


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