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What is the difference between Pig and Boar?

Asked by R. Barnes, Last updated: Jan 18, 2020

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B. Mary

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B. Mary, Health Care manager, MHA(Master's In Healthcare Administration), Raleigh, North Carolina

Answered Nov 08, 2019

The pig and the boar are two words that are used to describe the same animal. Yet, there are times when these words are used differently. A pig may refer to an animal that is domesticated. This is an animal that has been cared for by ranchers but usually, they are being grown in order to become slaughtered when they reach a certain age.

A boar is known to be a wild pig that may have grown in the woods. The boar will be in charge of finding its own food which explains why this is thinner than the pig. Even if a pig is accidentally released into the wild, it will still stay as a pig and not a boar.


G. Deacon

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Answered Nov 04, 2019

Pigs are domesticated animals, and they are known to be part of the Suidae family. They have stocky bodies and flat snouts. Some may think that the pig is the same as the boar, but the boar is a term used to refer to an uncastrated male pig. It can also be a term used to describe a pig of any gender that can be found in the wild. Some say that domestic pigs tend to become heavier because they are being made to be that way.

Boars may be less heavy, and they would feed on the food available in the wild. This is different from domestic pigs that are usually fed by farmers with food that can make them bigger.


L. Cooper

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L. Cooper, Data Analyst, MCA, Newcastle

Answered Nov 01, 2019

A pig is a mammal that has cloven hooves, a stocky body, flat snout adapted for digging. The word “pig” denotes a genus of mammals, also referred to as swine. They have large ears, small eyes, and their snout can move independently of their head. Pig is also used to refer to a young mammal of this nature (piglet) that is not ready for breeding. The term pig commonly describes all species of mammals in the Suidae family.

This includes warty pigs, wild boar, bearded pigs, and hog. A boar, on the other hand, refers to a wild ancestor of domesticated pig. It is also the term used to describe a male swine that is yet to be castrated and set aside for the purpose of breeding.


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