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What is the difference between King and Emperor?

Asked by R. Jones, Last updated: Jun 02, 2020

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P. Micah

P. Micah

Answered Oct 21, 2019

Some may assume that a king and an emperor are the same, but they have some differences too. They are both rulers, but the difference is the amount of land that they own. The emperor will be ruling over an entire empire while the king would be ruling over a kingdom.

There are many kings that are under one empire while there is only one emperor. It will be safe to say that the emperor has the most power and the final say when it comes to choices before that can make or break an empire. There are some empires that have failed because there were some kings who were too greedy, and they wanted to rule over more than one kingdom.


N. Reyes

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N. Reyes, Writer, B.ed, California

Answered Oct 03, 2019

In most cases, A King and an Emperor refer to the same thing. However, there are notable differences between these two. An Emperor is a male monarch or a ruler of an Empire. An Emperor is usually higher than a king as he can ruler over his Kingdom and many other Kingdoms (with Kings or Queens). To simply put, an Emperor rules over large territories.

An Emperor’s command and authority extend far beyond his Kingdom as his authority controls the entire empire. A King is a ruler who heads a group of people within a specific region. A King’s authority does not extend beyond his Kingdom. A King is also much lower in rank compared to an Emperor. A King might rule a Kingdom that is part of an Empire that is governed by the Emperor.


Chris Evins

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Chris Evins, College Student, Schooling, Wolverhampton

Answered Sep 30, 2019

Kings and Emperors are rulers, and their differentiation in power is due to the number of countries being ruled by the person. The King rules one country or a cluster of states, while an emperor rules several countries. The emperor is considered to be more powerful than the King in this regard. When a King dictates a country, it is known as his kingdom.

When an emperor rules, he will be overseeing several countries, which are collectively known as his empire. In many countries, emperors were viewed as being an incarnation of God himself or as the chosen one by God to govern the people. Kings, on the other hand, are not seen in this way by his subjects. The King is considered as someone who is replacing the previous King.


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