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What is the difference between Interests and Hobbies?

Asked by S. Barnes, Last updated: Feb 07, 2020

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K. Myers

K. Myers, Blogger, Chicago

Answered Sep 12, 2019

Hobbies and interests are interrelated but they are also different from each other. Interests are known to be the things that you may like. For example, there are some things that interest you such as reading or writing. You can use these interests in order to choose the hobbies that you will greatly love. For example, since you love writing, you can always choose to go to a class that will teach you to write better.

A hobby is something that you would like to do during your past time. This may be something that you want to do when you want to forget about the things that stress you out. Interests are things that you just like although you may not necessarily do anything to push through with those interests.


T. Moore

Have keen interest in writing, traveller by heart.

T. Moore, Writer, MA, Washington

Answered Aug 30, 2019

An interest is something that someone likes to do or something that makes someone curious and wanting to learn more. A hobby takes the interest a step further. A hobby can become someone's passion, or it can lead to an occupation or career of some kind. Interests do not stimulate the same level of perseverance that hobbies do.

Hobbies require an ongoing pursuit of an interest which could involve collecting, building, cataloging, or creating something. Interests are activities that do not elicit the same steadfast dedication that hobbies do. Hobbies often necessitate that you take action and conceivably learn a new skill. Routine comes into play with hobbies. Whenever you have a hobby, you have an interest, but having an interest does not require you to have a hobby.


Henna Smith

I love writing,reading books and almost anything that requires me to work with my hands.

Henna Smith, Essay Writer, Master, New Castle

Answered Aug 02, 2019

A hobby is something one likes to do in his past time, a spare-time recreational pursuit. It is an action, something one does. Usually, hobbies need devotion; it is something that has to be done systematically. For example, stamp collection or playing an instrument.

Interest has a broad scope which includes hobbies. If one has an interest, they may or may not develop it into a hobby. If someone is somewhat interested in something, he may not pursue it actively. For example, he is interested in sky diving, but he hasn’t gone even once. On the other hand, one will only pursue a hobby if he is interested in it. For example, she is interested in classic literature, her hobby is to collect and read old books, or, he is interested in birds, his hobby is bird watching.


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