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What is the difference between CAT and AAT?

Asked by S. Barnes, Last updated: May 25, 2020

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N. Reyes

A good writer and orator as well.

N. Reyes, Writer, B.ed, California

Answered Oct 22, 2019

CAT and AAT are known to be two different types of qualifications that are available for different types of employees. The CAT is a qualification for employees who are employed by a company under contract while the AAT is more applicable to those who are self-employed.

The CAT qualification is not something that people can achieve easily. It would require the completion of nine different exams before this certification is given. The AAT is the first step that self-employed people would need to take to become a certified accountant but would require other certifications in the long run if they would like to receive higher compensations for their qualifications.


H. Jones

H. Jones, Web Content Writer, San Antonio,

Answered Sep 11, 2019

CAT and AAT are two different qualifications. However, many people don’t know their differences. CAT is the acronym for Chartered Certified Accountant, and AAT is the acronym for Association of Accounting Technicians. Although both qualifications are basked in the United Kingdom, they are recognized in many commonwealth nations and the United States. Different accounting bodies run AAT and CAT. CAT is sponsored and offered by ACCA and AAT is run by other professional accounting bodies.

ACCA use to be the sponsor of AAT until it became a separate accounting qualification offered by a different body. AAT offers an entry-level point for an individual interested in studying accounting while CAT is for accountants looking to further their careers. So if you are hoping to begin from the start point, AAT is the most preferred option for you. I hope you find this information helpful.


J. Pollock

J. Pollock, Science Professor, Los Angeles

Answered Sep 04, 2019

CAT and AAT are considered to be qualifications that people would like to get. CAT is more ideal for people who are working for companies and would like to make sure that they can offer something more to the companies that they are working for. AAT is the better option for those who are self-employed.

This will allow people who are self-employed to learn the proper standards that will help show their expertise in accountancy. CAT is a qualification that is known to be dependent. It would need to check out the ACCA standards to make sure that it will offer what people are looking for.


Carice Snow

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Carice Snow, Motivator, MA, California

Answered Sep 03, 2019

Difference between CAT and AAT. CAT stands for Certified Accounting Technicians. AAT stands the Association of Accounting Technicians. AAT and CAT are known to be qualifications for accounting technician professionals. These come from the UK, but they are also recognized in the US. CAT and AAT are very useful. CAT is known to be useful for employees who are working in the offices while AAT is meant to be helpful for those who are self-employed.

Some will use AAT for more advanced standards while people would try the CAT if they want to adhere to the ACCA standards. Some employers require the ATT to develop the potential of the different people who will be employed by the company.


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