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What is the difference between DJ and MC?

Asked by R. Barnes, Last updated: Jan 15, 2020

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K. Shadrach

K. Shadrach

Answered Oct 10, 2019

If you have ever been to a nightclub and you have attended different ceremonies, then you are more likely to get the differences between these two acronyms very easily. DJ is the short form of Disc Jockey. This refers to someone at nightclubs who plays and mixes recorded music. The various music to be played would have been pre-selected so that the flow can be maintained once the party starts.

At times, Hip Hop performers use DJ as they sing their different songs so that these songs can be played one after the other. MC, on the other hand, is the short form of Master of Ceremonies. This acronym is used to refer to someone who is acting as a host at a formal event. In other words, it means someone who anchors or conducts a program; these people act to make people feel good and happy at ceremonies.


L. Gibson

L. Gibson, Science Professor

Answered Sep 17, 2019

Although a DJ and MC are seen at events, they serve different purposes at the event, this makes them different from one another. DJ is the acronym for Disc Jockey and MC stands for Master of Ceremonies. A Disc Jockey plays, cut, mix and blend recorded music. A DJ provides sound for an event. There are different types of DJs. Club DJ prepare music to be played at clubs, discos, and bards.

Radio DJ prepare a list of music to be played on-air on the radio. DJs often work with turntables to create different percussive sounds. A master of ceremonies is in charge of engaging the crowd throughout an event. MC handles an event by incorporating music, keep the audience alive and to keep an event in an orderly manner. Hope you find this information helpful.


C. Jackson

C. Jackson, Content Developer, Austin

Answered Sep 11, 2019

DJ is the acronym for disc jockey. A disc jockey primarily prepares or mixes recorded music by making a playlist which is played at parties and social gatherings such as weddings or school dances. There are also several kinds of DJ’s. Club DJ’s prepare a list of music which is played in bars, clubs, or discos. Hip hop DJ’s play music through the use of turntables.

There may also be scratching of records to create fun, percussive sounds. A reggae DJ is a vocalist who talks, raps or has contact with his audience over the pre-recorded music chosen. MC is the acronym for the master of ceremonies. He or she manages a program of the show. An MC doesn't stay in the background. His job is to entertain the audience during a performance or show by talking to them, making jokes, and keeping the event going.


I. Klose

I. Klose, Accountant, Franklin

Answered Sep 04, 2019

The DJ is the person who is responsible for producing music during your event. This means that the tunes that you are dancing to and singing along to are works of the DJ that has been hired for that particular event. The crowd can be pumped up depending on the sounds that the DJ will play. The MC is the one responsible for hosting the event.

The MC will make sure that people are entertained and that people understand what is happening. Without an MC, an event may look very disorganized. The MC, also known as the emcee, may work together with the DJ in order for the audience to enjoy.


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