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What is the difference between Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime?

Asked by R. Barnes, Last updated: Sep 11, 2019

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L. Agate

L. Agate

Answered on Oct 11, 2019

Amazon prime refers to amazon's flagship video, which offers demand streaming service, and it allows members to have access to its digital content library, including TV shows, original series, comedy specials, movies, documentaries, sitcoms, and many more. Also, prime members can be allowed to have access to fast delivery and unlimited free ad-free music, eligible products, and more. Twitch prime, on the other hand, refers to Amazon's latest offering with its popular prime subscription and comes as an add-on.

This has brought a number of services and features to the online streaming site. With the help of twitch prime, prime members can be able to maximize the benefits of the platform with exclusive deals, ad-free twitch viewing, game loot, and more. Amazon prime requires a subscription package that allows a member to have a 30-days trial binge-watch, after which they can opt for a monthly or yearly subscription. However, a prime member has access to the full benefits of the prime twitch features.


N. Reyes

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N. ReyesWriter, B.ed, California
Writer, B.ed, California

Answered on Oct 03, 2019

Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime are two different things that fit into one picture. Twitch Prime offers premium experience on Twitch. On Twitch prime users have access to ad-free streaming of contents, access to exclusive games and videos. Amazon Prime is a paid subscription whereby customers have access to premium experience and services on amazon.

These premium services include Free two days or same-day delivery on certain products, unlimited access to stream movies, TV series, documentaries, and movies, and so on. Users of Amazon prime also have access to the unlimited reading plan and early access to exclusive deals. Amazon Prime costs a total of $119 on an annual basis or $12.99 on a monthly plan. Twitch prime has now been added to Amazon Prime. This means Amazon prime customers can have access to Twitch Prime services when they link their Twitch account to Amazon prime account.


Yash Mathers

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Yash MathersContent Writer, Diploma in Literature, Austin,Texas
Content Writer, Diploma in Literature, Austin,Texas

Answered on Sep 15, 2019

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription whereby customers’ access premium services on Amazon. This includes:

  • free two – day or same-day delivery on eligible products,
  • unlimited streaming of TV episodes, movies, music, original series, documentaries, comedy special, early access to exclusive deals and access to unlimited reading.
  • Subscribers pay either choose to pay on a monthly basis or have an annual plan.
  • A yearly plan cost $119 dollars and a monthly plan cost $12.99.

Twitch prime providers its users with premium experience on Twitch.

  • Users get ad-free game streaming service
  • Exclusive games and in-game benefits
  • Free channel subscription every month to support your favorite Gamer.

Amazon Prime users can enjoy all benefits of Twitch prime when they link their amazon prime account with their Twitch account. This gives amazon prime subscribers more online streaming content as they have access to features on Amazon prime and Twitch Turbo. Hope you find this helpful.


C. Jackson

C. JacksonContent Developer, Austin
Content Developer, Austin

Answered on Sep 11, 2019

Amazon Prime is a whole package with many benefits, including a subscription-based video-on-demand service. The service delivers its members access to an immense catalog of digital content. The service includes movies, original series, television shows, comedy specials, documentaries, and more on top of the standard prime features such as free, fast shipping on qualified products.

These include excellent music, early access to exclusive deals, unlimited reading, and more. Twitch Prime is the newest addition to Amazon Prime Service, which brings a plethora of offerings to the online streaming platform on top of Amazon Prime benefits.


I. Klose

I. KloseAccountant, Franklin
Accountant, Franklin

Answered on Sep 04, 2019

Twitch Prime is known to be the premium experience that is available in Twitch that will allow people to play some special games from time to time. Amazon Prime is a special privilege that is offered to those who use Amazon often. This is a video streaming service that will have the ability to stream different videos, shows, and movies easily. Twitch can be considered as an add on in order to improve people’s viewing experience.

Amazon Prime is a paid service that would need to be paid for every month and Twitch is just an add on that will not come with extra fees. People are recommended to have this if they would like to get free game loot aside from the services that they can get from their Amazon Prime subscription.


L. Bonadio

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L. BonadioTeacher, MCA, PhD, Toledo
Teacher, MCA, PhD, Toledo

Answered on Aug 27, 2019

Twitch Prime will provide you with a premium experience on Twitch. This is usually part of the Amazon Prime and the Prime Video Memberships that you will find right now. This is well-liked by people because they can have some bonus games and other content that will not be available elsewhere.

Amazon Prime is different because this will allow you to get unlimited shipping of the items that you will get from Amazon. Amazon will also allow you to get free access to streaming their own line of videos, series, movies, and so much more. They can be both be ideal for you depending on the things that you like.


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