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What is the difference between Social Media and Social Networking?

Asked by R. Barnes, Last updated: Jan 19, 2020

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L. Agate

L. Agate

Answered Oct 11, 2019

Social media is a web-based technology that creates a medium of interaction among a very large number of people. On this platform, everybody has the ability to create, distribute, engage, and share content. Some examples of these social media platforms include Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and more. On the other hand, social networking can be defined as the creation of both personal and business relationships, usually web-based, to achieve and maintain an interactive company usually focused on a topic.

In the social networking platform, one's personal details and people's interactions' content are used in building profiles. Social marketing is usually fixed on a particularly targeted crowd, unlike social media, which allows anybody from any race. Interactions on social media do not necessarily need feedbacks, but social marketing requires a two-way interaction so as to achieve its aim of existence.


Tara Pele

I am Tara & working as a Technical Blogger.

Tara Pele, Technical Blogger, MCA from New York, New York

Answered Oct 03, 2019

Social media and social network have some similarities but there refer to two different concepts. Social media refers to websites, applications, and platforms that allow its users to share content such as photos, videos, information, ideas, and messages, and so on. Users of social media platforms can create profiles that allow them to use the features on such platforms. The most popular social media platform in our today includes Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on.

Social network refers to the use of dedicated websites, applications, and platforms to interact and find people with similar interests. Businesses and personal relationships can co-exist in social networking. People make connections through social networking. Popular social networking platform includes: LinkedIn, Google+, and many more. Hope this helps.


I. Woods

I. Woods

Answered Sep 16, 2019

Social media and social networking are closely related but they are not the same. Social media are web-based technologies used for the purpose of interactive communication. On most social media platforms, users are able to create a profile, share contents such as pictures, videos, music and much more. In our world today, the most common social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Social networking, on the other hand, is a means of creating a personal and business relationship to maintain an interactive space.

Users of networking platforms are able to create profiles based on their details and they are able to share interactive contents on the platform. Unlike social media platforms, it takes time to build an interactive profile on networking platforms. A popular example of a networking platform is LinkedIn. Hope you find this information helpful.


C. Jackson

C. Jackson, Content Developer, Austin

Answered Sep 11, 2019

There is some distinct difference between social media and social networking. The significant difference is that social media is a much bigger venue than social networking. In this scenario, everyone has an opportunity to create, share, distribute, and engage in the content. Some of the more prevalent social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Blogs, videos, podcasts, and newsletters are some of the content types which are among the relevant platforms of social media. With social networking, both businesses and personal relationships tend to derive more meaningful feedback. Social networking has a particular target crowd, and it also manages a much timelier response due to more direct communication.


I. Muller

I. Muller, Math Professor, North Carolina

Answered Sep 03, 2019

A lot of people use social media and social networking interchangeably but there are some differences between the two that should be noted. How sure are you that you are using the terms correctly? When you are using social media, this normally refers to the platform that is being used so that people can relay all sorts of information. There are some people who share news through social media and so much more.

When you say social network, this is a place wherein people can communicate with each other. This has made communicating far easier as compared to before because people can just chat or even video call as long as they are connected to the internet and the social network handles that form of communication.


L. Bonadio

Its kind of my job to give answers

L. Bonadio, Teacher, MCA, PhD, Toledo

Answered Aug 27, 2019

Some people become confused with the use of social media and social networking. Social media is the platform that you will use when you want to communicate information to different people. For example, you may use social media when you want to convey details to other people without knowing if it would reach a lot of people or not. Social networking is much different because the type of communication that you are going to do is two-way.

This means that people will actually respond to you as long as they are within your network. Social media sites come with privacy settings that will allow you to limit the people that you are going to include in your social network.


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