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How is biotechnology being used?

Asked by Shaenamarielhyn, Last updated: Mar 03, 2020

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G. Deacon

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G. Deacon, Civil Engineer, B.E(Bachelor of Engineering), Trenton, New Jersey

Answered Nov 04, 2019

Biotechnology is a process wherein different enzymes and micro-organisms are being used. This is used for a lot of industries. This can be used to create chemicals, create food ingredients, make detergents, improve the use of creating paper, making textiles, and so much more.

It is apparent that biotechnology is something that is being used widely in our daily lives. Without it, there may be certain processes that are not available yet. If you think that this is only used for people’s needs, you should realize that biotechnology is also used in order to create different types of wine that a lot of people drink whenever they want to unwind.


B. Lucian

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B. Lucian, Literature Professor, Diploma in Classic Literature, Denver, Colorado

Answered Nov 01, 2019

First, it is important to what biotechnology means. Biotechnology refers to the use of living organisms, especially microorganisms in industrial, agricultural, medical, and other technological applications. It simply refers to the application of principles and practice of technology to life sciences. In our world today, biotechnology is used for many things and in many sectors.

In the industrial sector, biotechnology uses microorganisms and enzymes to make products such as food ingredients, chemicals, detergent, and biofuels. In agriculture, biotechnology is used to produce improved seeds for planting. It has also been used to produce pest and disease controlling agents such as pesticides and insecticides. In medicine, biotechnology is used to produces tools that are helpful in the diagnostic process, prevention of disease, and treatment of diseases.


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