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How can we save Earth?

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Yash Mathers

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Answered on Aug 08, 2019

The fact that you're here reading this answer could be due to two plausible reasons. First one could be your concern for our mother nature and you volunteer yourself to participate for the greater cause of survival, Or, you're just here lurking from your boring lifestyle out of your slothfulness. If you fall into the second category, you can leave right now. This topic is a global issue and definitely the most trivialized one by the general population around the globe, though certain Organisations are coming forward and educating everyone to contribute to this cause to save our home planet. End of this rant.

Now coming to the main point, You can find so much information about the do's and the dont's on Google. This answer is all about the traits that you need to adopt to make those practical methods work in our favor, check out the following solutions:

  • Awareness:We can't just blame the whole planet for the destructionasmost of us are unaware of what are the pros and cons of using whatever we use day-to-day. Questions like " How can burning plastic contribute to this Global warming Nightmare?" needto be seeded in every single brain and henceforth, so should be the answer to this. Most of us don't reckon the survival consequences that we definitely have to face someday from this day forward. We need to realize that we're mortal. This sense of mortality will make your every step on this earth meaningful and you'll find a feeling of belonging to this nature. So, Foremost step is bringing awareness towards every product that we consume and towards waste management also.
  • Decisiveness:Awareness is one thing, following that is what evidence would you provide to water that seed so that there will be individual efforts which are the only way to save our planet. Most of our life is mapped through procrastination. We need a lot more energy to counter it and start working for the better good of ourselves.
  • Modus Operandi:Could be the most important of these all. A way to operate should be there, Once, we started acting upon this, we need to find how to do it with elegance, and in a well-behaved way. Efficient ways could be more beneficial throughout the process.
  • Longevity:Consistency mixed with hard work and patience is the ultimate mantra for longevity, both for the human race and our planet. These traits are the real boss here. In the long run, definite results will be there.
  • Behold the wonder:The beauty of nature is its tremendous healing capacities. It can heal itself if we just do our work to nurture it and do not interfere in the rest of the procedure. Behold the Wonder happening and you will be amazed.
  • Embrace and be grateful:Mother nature is merciful and gives without any expectations, how can we not fall in love with it? We should feel thankful for what we have while we have it. The sole reason for our existence is our Mother nature. we should embrace it in profound ways.

PS: There are a number of NGO's working towards this cause, you can volunteer and contribute for the living as long as you're above the ground.

R. Hazlewood

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Answered on Jul 29, 2019

A straightforward way to save energy is to turn off the lights, and you should also consider recycling old phones. Some organizations will recycle old parts for the use of making new products. Use reusable bags instead of plastic bags and use the same bag whenever you go to the store, and this helps cut down on the use of plastic.

Go vegetarian to help save animals and rainforest lands and farms. Glass is something that should be recycled because it makes up a significant component of industrial waste. Pay attention to how much water you are using. Turn off the sink while you are brushing your teeth. Drink tap water instead of bottled water, and of course, recycle and separate garbage.

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