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What is the difference between Namespace And Assembly?

Asked by R. Jones, Last updated: Jul 04, 2020

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D. Smith

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D. Smith, Musician, MA, Nottingham

Answered Sep 30, 2019

A namespace can be defined as different kinds of symbols which are used to identify objects of various kinds, so that there won't be the ambiguity of objects and so that each object can be easily traced to their source. The most important thing to know about namespace is that it uses different kinds of elements that have a unique name or identifier.

This is possible because each of the elements has a unique syntax. It is also used to organize classes in a logical manner, and this simple feature is the reason why many people consider it to be useful. The namespace also set boundaries between different classes.

Assembly, on the other hand, is a building block of an application. Assembly deals with the gathering of types and resources to build a function or a logical unit. Assembly also contains executable codes and information which can be accessed and those ones in the implementation unit.


A. Daniels

A. Daniels, Professor, San Diego

Answered Sep 11, 2019

The namespace is known to be a collection of names. Each of the names that are used there is unique. The namespace is used to ensure that various boundaries will be set in place. An assembly, on the other hand, is known to be an output unit. This can be shown through the MSIL code that is needed to that the assembly will take place.

The types and resources that are available are often created with assembly and will be easier to manage because of the assembly. An assembly is usually made with a lot of namespaces. Assembly is known to be the building block of the .net environment.


T. Moore

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T. Moore, Writer, MA, Washington

Answered Aug 30, 2019

Namespace is a collection consisting of names that are each different from one another. When namespace is used, it aids in the creation of practical boundaries between groups of classes. It is imperative to make sure that namespace is defined in user properties at all times to ensure functionality. Assembly, however, is a unit of output. Assembly helps with versioning and distribution, and it contains MSIL code.

Self-description in assembly in contrast to namespace. The assembly is the building block of the .NET environment. Assembly is a grouping of functionality in both build and function. Assembly assists in the organization of types and resources which are either accessible within the implementation unit.


L. Brett

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L. Brett, Sales Manager, MBA, Detroit

Answered Aug 29, 2019

Namespace and Assembly are fundamental parts of .NET. The namespace provides a logical group of related classes. It is often used to define classes to prevent conflict of user classes. These classes can be used in languages that target Microsoft.Net framework. A namespace is specific to project properties, and it helps create globally unique types.

On the other hand, Assembly refers to the collection of resources. Assemble is an output unit of deployment. There are two types of assemblies. The private and shared assemblies are the two types of assemblies. Assembly is the building foundation of a .NET framework application.


H. Barnes

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H. Barnes, Unemployed, Barnes, Atlanta

Answered Jul 26, 2019

Namespace And Assembly are two important parts of .NET. Namespace is when a developer decides on a name when it is designed. Assembly is when a type is defined. A unique set of names makes up a Namespace, while Assembly uses code from MSIL, which stands for Microsoft Intermediate Language. Another difference between them is how they are grouped.

Namespace is logically grouped, while Assembly is physically grouped. Namespaces do not have to be classified or specified, but it is required for assemblies to be. Despite their differences, they both work together. A namespace can contain assemblies and an assembly can contain namespaces.


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