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How can students get visa for Australia?

Asked by J. Pollock on Apr 17, 2019

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Suraj Khamitakar

I am a traveller with the knowledge of visa.

Suraj Khamitakar
Visa Assistant, BE, Pune, India

Answered on Aug 09, 2019

Australia is one of the leading countries in the world, offering opportunities for business and education. To visit Australia, you might need an Australian Visa. There are various types of Australian Visa depending on the purpose of the visit. Before visiting Australia, you should know the requirements of Australian Visa.

Australia Visa Types
Depending on the purpose of the visit there are following types of Australia Visa-

  • Australian Tourist Visa:This visa mostly required for the people whose purpose is to visit the country for enjoying holidays. This is a short-term visa allows an applicant to visit the country for a specific duration of time.
  • Australian Business Visa:This visa mostly acquired by a person who visits the country to perform some business activities. It includes business activities or some professional activities.
  • Australian Visitor Visa:This visa is required for the people who are invited to Australia by their family/friends.
  • Australian Student Visa:This visa is required for International Students who visit the country for educational purpose.

How to apply for Australia Visa

  • Visit the Government website for visa and create an account on IMMIAccount.
  • Feel the personal details in the application form and attach the documents.
  • The further process involves a health examination, which is for the person whose age is above 75, is applying for a visa longer than 6 months.
  • The primary and important emails regarding your application shall be mailed to you on your email.
  • The status of your application can be checked online by logging on to IMMIAccount.

Australian Visa Requirements

  1. A valid passport.
  2. Age criteria depending on the type of visa.
  3. You should have a strong financial status with a healthy bank balance.
  4. Confirmed Air Tickets.
  5. Hotel Accommodation.

Note:Be ready with the documents before applying for the visa.


D. Jacob

Self Aware, Optimist and Tech Savvy

D. Jacob
Content Producer, MCA, Florence, Italy

Answered on May 15, 2019

Before you can study in Australia, you will need to get an Australian student visa, this as has always been the end to what many students who desire to study know because they do not know what other steps to follow in applying for an Australian student visa.

Before can be granted an Australian student visa, you must be a registered student in any of the Australian school, after your request has been granted, the next thing is to pay the tuition fee and the school will send a confirmation of enrollment, the document is what will be used in processing your visa.

Before you can get your Australian student visa processed, a very important step is to take is to create an account with the Australian immigration authorities and follow every detail provided and make sure you have other important documents like confirmation of enrollment, proof of temporary stay, passport in digital form. After this, you will be required to pay the visa fee and get the transaction reference number which will be used in processing your visa.


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