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What is the meaning of B4U?

Asked by T. Wikati on Apr 16, 2019

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C. Wasek

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C. Wasek
Philanthropist, Post Graduate, Corpus Christi

Answered on May 23, 2019

There are some acronyms or internet slangs that are easy to figure out if you are seeing for the first time. An example is B4U, the acronym stands for Before You. It is easy to understand when you pronounce the acronym. B4U can be used for so many things, you only decide where and where not to use it. When you are using Before You, it means you are pointing the attention of someone to the fact that you are somewhere before them.

For example, you can tell someone that you are going to receive the medical treatment before him or her simply because you came to the hospital very earlier than most of other patients, you can also say this to someone, 'I'm going to eat before you do'. While 'Before You' is used in the real world, BU4 is mostly used online especially when people are chatting with their friends.


R. Barnes

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R. Barnes
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Answered on May 09, 2019

You can just read b4u and already understand what this means. This means “before you.” There are a lot of people who have started using abbreviations because of different reasons. The first reason is they do not want to spend too much money texting. There was a time when each text would cost a lot of money.

It is only recently that texts are not too expensive anymore. Plus, people can always send chat messages that will not cost any money at all. Another reason why people started abbreviating is that they are lazy to place the right words that are supposed to be used.


R. Glover

R. Glover
Editor, New York City

Answered on May 06, 2019

Have you ever felt so helpless, all because an acronym was used around you but you did not have any idea of what it meant? There are numbers of acronym online, getting to know all of them might not be something easy. One of those acronyms is B4U which simply means Before You, the B4 when pronounced would sound like Before and 'U' also sounds like 'You'.

The acronym has several meanings, the meaning you would give it actually depends on the context in which it is used. It could mean, I'm right B4U( here, it means I'm in your front), another example is, I've observed John always wakes up B4U( here it means prior to you).

It is used mostly online especially when chatting with people via online chats, instant message, email etc. Remember not all acronyms can be used when engaging in a formal conversation with people