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What is the full form of BFN?

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O. Bickis

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O. Bickis, Corporate employee, MBA, Stockton

Answered on May 23, 2019

There is no way you can know what BFN stands for unless you already heard it from somebody or saw it somewhere . The acronym BFN means Bye For Now. I'm pretty sure you have been using the expression for so long without knowing you can simply type BFN and the recipient would know exactly what you mean. The acronym is very simple in terms of its meaning and how it is used. People use it mostly when chatting.

It is often used to let someone we have been chatting with know we would be going offline to attend to some things. So when you see BFN, the recipient will know you are going offline and it will stop any thought that you really don't care about them and it will inform them about how precious they are to you for you to tell them you would be going offline, of course many won't bother to say that.

C. Bernthal

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C. Bernthal, Teacher, MA, P.hD, Seattle

Answered on May 23, 2019

BFN is another typical abbreviation found in emails and even more so in phone texting. It merely stands for Bye For Now, meaning the writer is signing off but is not about to disappear from the recipient's life forever. It is roughly equivalent to See You, in English, or Hasta Luego in Spanish.

These abbreviations signal something easily understood but do not say anything else, and therefore, it is beneficial to have a quick form of conveying the thought. Cu8r standing for CU later is another rough equivalent.

W. Kaye

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W. Kaye, Ex-Marine, Post Graduate, Chapel Hill

Answered on May 09, 2019

This means Bye For Now. This is something that you may say to someone that you will say goodbye to for the meantime. You can say this when you are ending a conversation with someone for a short period of time and you know that you are going to talk again someday soon.

There are some people who normally use abbreviations when they are chatting with someone because this is easier to do as compared to saying this in person when you can definitely say Bye For Now easily. This type of abbreviation is commonly used when you are chatting with a close friend as compared to just chatting with someone you just met.

K. Myers

K. Myers, Blogger, Chicago

Answered on May 06, 2019

If you don't know what BFN means, you are about to know what the acronym stands for. BFN is the acronym or slang word for Bye For Now. This acronym is common among people who love chatting on messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp.

Someone might decide to reply your message with BFN, the person is trying to tell you that, he would be going offline for a while so that you would not be angry that he didn't reply your messages on time. Using BFN to tell people Bye For Now is considered as the easiest thing because it saves more time and energy.

If you are chatting with someone and you would be going offline, let the person know that you would be going offline just by typing BFN. The acronym is mostly used alone and also at the end of a sentence. Don't forget not to use this type of acronym in a formal communication or writing.

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