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What does letter i.e. stand for?

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B. Tiffney

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B. Tiffney, Computer Engineer, M. Tech, Southeast Montgomery

Answered on May 23, 2019

The acronym i.e is the abbreviation for ''id est''. Id est is a Latin word which means 'That is' in English. The acronym is probably one of the shortest I have seen in English language. If you have not used this before, you should use it after reading this.

The acronym is used to expatiate or to give more information about something that's being discussed. The acronym is so much useful when writing articles, letter and the likes. When you are trying to pass an information to someone but you still want the person to get more details about what you are saying, then you use 'i.e' which means 'that is'.

For example, I may decide to use i.e in this way. Hello everybody, John has been nominated for the program i.e he would be the one to represent our school. By this example, I have adequately given more information about what John is going to do at the program.

C. Bernthal

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C. Bernthal, Teacher, MA, P.hD, Seattle

Answered on May 23, 2019

i.e. stands for id est, it is Latin. It merely means "that is". i.e. can be used informally to extend what you are telling someone, but also quite formally. It is often seen in non-fiction and in academic articles. You explain something and then are not sure that the reader will understand, so you put i.e. and an example.

For istance, "there were many deaths after the X arrived - i.e. the X were a ferocious race who had no compunction in mass executions.

G. Horace

G. Horace, Content Developer, Chicago

Answered on May 07, 2019

I.E is actually an abbreviation that means id est. This means “In other words.” There may be instances when you want to say the meaning of a certain thing but you do not know if people are familiar with the words that you have used to explain what the item is.

This is when you can use I.E. Add more common words that will make it easier for the readers to understand what you mean. Some may get confused with the usage of I.E and E.G. EG means “exempli gratia” and this means, “for example.” You can add some examples that will make people understand what you are trying to say better.

M. Parker

M. Parker, Internet Researcher, Houston

Answered on May 06, 2019

I.e is the short form of the Latin word ''id est'' which literally means ''that is'' in English. It is used to make an elaborate explanation on something being discussed, the term i.e can also be used to botress and add more information about a point being discussed. As small as the word looks, its mighty works by users of English cannot be underestimated.

Example using i.e are as folows:

I am not going anywhere tomorrow i.e I will be at home throughout.

With the example above, you will see that i.e adds more information about what the person actually meant. Using I.e will make things clearer about any information you are trying to pass across. To understand the beauty in using i.e, you should try to be using i.e which is the short form of ''that is'' very often while speaking and also in your writing.

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