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What does PCMB stand for?

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Mike John

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Mike John, Content Explorer, MCA, Los Angeles, California, USA

Answered on May 30, 2019

The acronym PCMB is used in several venues including but not limited to Post Chemical-Mechanical Polishing (semiconductors) which would be cleaning the residue that forms during chemical mechanical polishing. During chemical mechanical polishing the residue that forms can cause the formation of contaminants on microelectronic devices which can inhibit proper functioning so it must be cleaned after, hence the word post.

There is also Post Construction Monitoring Program which would be a plan developed for after construction to monitor and report the effectiveness of the equipment put into place to do things like water purification and sewage treatment plant operations to keep the environment safe.

B. Tiffney

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B. Tiffney, Computer Engineer, M. Tech, Southeast Montgomery

Answered on May 23, 2019

Have you ever come across or heard people talking about the acronym PCMB and the acronym still does not make any sense to you. Well, the acronym stands for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology. You can see its very simple. However, there are other meanings which can be given to PCMB. For example, the acronym also means 'Plant Cellular and Molecular Biology' but I'm going to discuss the first meaning.

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology are core science subjects. They are like prerequisites subjects which must be well understood before you can start pursuing any career in science related courses or discipline. These subjects are somewhat interrelated in some ways i.e there are some topics you would be taught in Chemistry and you will still meet them in Physics.

PCMB are really good subjects but can be only understood if you are intelligent and hardworking because there are tons of questions you will be required to solve.

G. Horace

G. Horace, Content Developer, Chicago

Answered on May 07, 2019

PMBC also stands for Process Model Based Control. Take note that there may be different meanings of PMBC depending on the industry. Let us focus on this abbreviation for now. This means that there is a process model that will be created and will be very helpful in the design that the engineer might make.

Through the process model, he/she would be able to see the things that may need to be improved further so that the design will be perfect. If the wrong design is used, this may cause further issues in the long run. It will be a good idea to run through with the use of the model first before the actual test run.

M. Parker

M. Parker, Internet Researcher, Houston

Answered on May 06, 2019

The 'P' in PCMB stands for Physics, 'C' stands for Chemistry, 'M' means Mathematics and 'B' stands for Biology. These are the list of courses that must be passed in order to proceed in studying any science related course in the tertiary institutions.

Courses like medicine, engineering, pharmacy can be studied if you have a knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology are pure science subjects that form the basic knowledge of science in students. Due to the nature of these subjects, many students tend to run away from it.

Mathematics and physics mostly deal with calculations, while chemistry and biology though with little calculations, are practical oriented courses. As a result of this, it is advisable for the students to always read their books and ensure that they are good in calculations, so that they will find all these science subjects interesting.

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