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Will Google Fuchsia replace Android?

Will Google Fuchsia replace Android?

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Asked by M. Jabrowsky, Last updated: Jan 20, 2020

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Barry Mclean

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Barry Mclean, Sales Manager, MBA, Ewa

Answered Sep 25, 2019

Google Fuchsia has been created for smartphones or the future of smartphones. This can confuse people especially those who have used Android for a long time. They are already satisfied with their OS and how it works. People think that the software may still be exciting now but Android was not created for smartphones. Fuchsia is supposed to work for the newer and more high tech smartphones that will be released in the future. There are still many changes that are taking place but accor...Read More

meenati biswal

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Meenati biswal, Executive, BA, 1300 W Walnut Hill Ln, Suite 245 Irving, TX, 75038

Answered Sep 04, 2019

Yes, Google is definitely going to replace android with fuchsia… because google wants to develop one operating system for all type of devices.

Whatever will happen to Android, it is not going to be soon. There are lots of Android developers, and Google will wait (and teach) a whole a lot of Fuchsia devs before migrating to Fuchsia.

The current Fuchsia builds are mostly a UI and kernel demo. All windows are placeholders right now.


John F. connor

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John F. connor, Content Marketing executive, MA, Minsk,Poland

Answered Feb 08, 2019

Will Google's Fuschia replace Android? My guess is that if Fuschia is successfully developed it will become the standard for who would want to stick with Android, with related softward that does not easily convert to Apple Mac, for example? The whole idea of Fuschia is that it will work on all platforms. ...Read More


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J.Spencer, Knowledge enthusiast, Tokyo

Answered Feb 01, 2019

Yes. Android is by far one of the most recognizable and used software of the world. It is to mobiles what Windows is to computers. Android is one of the most critically successful pieces of software ever coded. The problem is that Android is a robust and programmable OS. Yes, they are positive traits but they prevent the company owning it from having much control over what it's buyers do. The reason Android looks different in every other phone is that the companies buying them bend it to...Read More

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