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How and when did Alexander the Great conquer Egypt?

Asked by I. Klose, Last updated: Sep 30, 2019

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B. Denton

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B. DentonTraveler, journalism, Greater Manchester
Traveler, journalism, Greater Manchester

Answered on Sep 30, 2019

The battle that led to the conquest of Egypt happened in 331 BC. Prior to this period, Alexander had fought with king Darius ll and his forces. The battle was a big one because Alexander's men were outnumbered, but in the end, Alexander used one of his military skills to defeat king Darius of Persia.

In 331 BC, Alexander continued in his campaign to conquer the known world. His intention was to conquer Egypt, and he moved into action to achieve this. On his way, he fought with some forces in Gaza and won. And when he got to Egypt, he did not meet so much resistance, and he conquered Egypt very easily.

After this victory, he created a city known as the city of Alexandria. The beautiful thing that Alexander did was that he didn't impose anything on defeated Egypt. He allowed to practice their religion; he didn't force his beliefs, culture on them.


C. Wasek

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C. WasekPhilanthropist, Post Graduate, Corpus Christi
Philanthropist, Post Graduate, Corpus Christi

Answered on Jan 22, 2019

Alexander the Great set out to conquer Egypt in the year 332 BC. When he arrived on the borders of the country, he was able to lead his troops without any resistance from the Persian or Egyptian soldiers, which were stationed at the perimeter. Crossing through the country, Alexander the Great went on a pilgrimage to Siwa Oasis and the temple of Amun.

Noting several areas that were vital to the lifeline of the country, he also embarked on a building expedition. Not only did he want to conquer and incorporate Egypt into his own kingdom, but he made improvements on the many ancient monuments along the way. The arrival of Alexander the Great brought Greek influence into play to the Egyptian countryside, unmasking a huge turning point for the kingdom.

His crossing through Egypt is one that continues to astound historians. There was no real bloodshed along the way. The Egyptians welcomed him with open arms. Alexander the Great assumed the identity of one of the popular Egyptian gods to further win favor with the Egyptians.

His tactics worked. The vision that he held for Egypt, as a Greek stronghold, while maintaining the individuality of the country, allowed the inner workings of the country to continue as before. Administratively there were no massive changes. The designs that Alexander began in Egypt continued up until the death of Cleopatra, and the annexation of Egypt into the Roman empire.


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