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Why was Alexander tte Great called Sikander?

Asked by I. Klose, Last updated: Feb 13, 2020

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B. Denton

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Answered Sep 30, 2019

The name Sikander is like an alternative word for Alexander in the Persian language. It was used for Alexander the Great because the word describes someone that is powerful; a king or a conqueror. The name Sikandar was a perfect one for Alexander the Great because he was indeed a great man and an intelligent king.

The name Sikander is not general for every language, in fact, there are variations for the name in different languages. In Hindi, the word Sikander is still the most acceptable one. In Sanskrit, Alexander the Great was called Alakshendra, this is totally different from how he was called in Hindi.

Originally, the right pronunciation for the name was Al Shikender. So, the name Sikander was coined from ''Al Shikender'' in the Persian language. Most times, you find most people debating on the fact that the name Sikander was from Christianity or Islam. The truth is Alexander had lived before the creation of the two religions


Samantha Stewart

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Answered Jan 22, 2019

Sikander is a Persian term for the name Alexander. However, the most popular use of Sikander was attached to Alexander the Great. There are variations of this name, one being Iskandar. Sikander was a term that was more widely used in Southern Asia. The meaning of Sikander can be denoted to mean defender, king, or conqueror.

Alexander the Great fit all of these terms. He was a king in his own right, ruling the kingdom of Macedonia. He was a defender - ensuring that his mother was safe during a time of political upheaval after his father married another woman. He was also a conqueror. Alexander the Great amassed more land during his short life than many other kings and generals of the time.

The use of Sikander can be viewed as a term of honor. Iskandar, the variant has been seen in many written works throughout the Middle East, and Persia. It also appears in the Koran. There are a handful of rulers from the Middle East who carried the name Sikander.


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