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What composite alloys are used in military aircraft?

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D. Ronald

D. Ronald, Writer, Austin

Answered on Feb 20, 2019

There are a lot of aluminum alloys that are used in aircraft because this is known to be lightweight. This can make it ideal to help the aircraft fly without having to carry too much weight. There is only so much weight that can be carried by aircraft to make sure that all of the passengers and their items will remain safe.

Another reason why the aluminum alloy is normally used is it is corrosion-resistant. It is very normal for an aircraft to be exposed to different types of weather. If it would corrode easily, the aircraft cannot be used as long as they should be used. Aluminum alloy can be the perfect solution for sure.

C. Snow

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C. Snow, Motivator, MA, California

Answered on Feb 19, 2019

Composite alloys are metals that have been fused together or combined to form another element. In many cases, these alloys are used to build different things. If something is wanted to be very strong and durable and to withstand the weather, then it will most likely be made of some form of alloy.

In military aircraft, the material used to make these aircrafts need to be strong, they are often made of some form of composite alloy so that the metal can withstand the heat and weather. Alloys could be brass, bronze and steel, to name a few. Often times, these military aircraft are made of a form of aluminum because it is strong but also is not expensive. It can be made in abundance.

J. connor

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J. connor, Content Marketing executive, MA, Minsk,Poland

Answered on Feb 08, 2019

Today, military aircraft are used frequently especially in battle and when the countries are at war. There are two different types of military aircraft. There are combat aircraft and non-combat aircraft. The main difference between these two type of aircrafts is the reason for having them and what they each are used for.

Most of the airplanes are made of the same metal whether the airplane is a military aircraft or a regular plane. The main composite alloys are aluminum and titanium. This is because these metals are light in weight which helps make them fly. Another metal that may be included in this composite alloy used in military aircraft is magnesium. It’s hard to believe that what makes a soda can is also part of a military aircraft.

Mally Welch

Mally Welch

Answered on Jan 14, 2019

Mainly cooper,aluminum, and and magnesuim, as well as lead silver tin, and titanuim

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