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What are the best places in the world to celebrate the new year?

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Answered on Feb 15, 2019

New York is the best place to visit for New Years. That is where they do the count down and have all kinds of singers of the United States preform to celebrate.

E. Good

E. Good

Answered on Dec 21, 2018

The New Year is a much awaited time and many plan to celebrate it in a special way. Here are some great places to visit to celebrate the New Year.

Sydney, Australia: it is a major city to be at New Year’s mid night. The main fireworks display happens at Sydney Harbour.

Hong Kong, China: fireworks, music and light display up Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour at midnight of the New Year is a great way to spend this time.

Burg Khalifa in Dubai is also another great place to be at this time of the year, the New Year is welcomed with amazing firework show.

Other great places to visit are: Cape Town, Moscow, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Rio De Janerio, New York and London.



Answered on Dec 14, 2018

You can go to Paris, New York. Rest depends on you.

S. Nicole

Content Writer, Teacher

S. Nicole, Wordsmith, PG In Journalism, New York

Answered on Dec 13, 2018

Few days are left for the whole world to come alive to celebrate the much-awaited and action-packed New Year’s Eve. As time is passing, people might plan to enjoy and commemorate this precious moment with their loved ones. Nobody wants to miss the new year as this comes once a year and it is the time when people plan to have a fun-filled evening with someone they love.

Some of you might have started to note down your new year's resolutions, few would be planning to watch their favorite movies and shows under the blanket and with a hot coffee. There are also a few people who would be planning to visit the best places and spend the entire weekend with their family and friends. Do you also lie on the same list?

So, where are you planning to go on this new year? Is it London, Paris, or New York? Wait! Are you still in confusion and want a recommendation from someone? Here, I have enlisted some of the best places (not in particular order) where you can go to celebrate the new year 2019.

  • Sydney, Australia: Be on of the first people to ring in the new year in Sydney. Some of the best attractions in Sydney are Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House where you can enjoy a bouquet of thrillful engagements on this New Year’s Eve.

  • New York, United States: You can go to Times Square in New York and watch pyrotechnic light shows, music acts of famous celebrities, and much more exciting things. The Statue of Liberty is also a center of attraction on the new year.

  • Paris, France: Could you imagine anything better than watching incredible fireworks and light shows displaying at the Eiffel tower, the most iconic attraction in Paris? I think no, you can’t! Then, you should not leave any chance to enjoy this moment. So, book your tickets for Paris right now and add another level of happiness in your life.

  • London, New England: The Capital city of both UK and England always provides remarkable backdrop New Year’s Eve fireworks. Here, the popular attractions are light shows and marching parade and procession of Queen’s horses.

P.S. You can also sleep for the whole night and dream about these attractions in case you can’t visit these places.

Also, if you are not able to decide What Outfit Should You Wear On New Year's Eve?​, you should play this quiz to find the best dress for you.

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