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What can you say about photo manipulation?

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Asked by Phynex, Last updated: Jul 08, 2020

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W. Pratt

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W. Pratt, Marketing Analyst, MBA, Lincoln

Answered Jun 07, 2019

Photo manipulation is a simple photo editing. It is the process of altering a photo with the use of different tools to achieve a specific result. Photo manipulation usually involves adding supernatural elements into a photograph. An example of this is seen in the image above. For one to be able to manipulate photographs, photo editing and manipulating skills are required.

Photo manipulations are also done to make the subject in an image look better. For example, a photo can be manipulated to make a person with lots of pimple or freckle appears without them. Photo manipulation is commonly used in politics, fashion industry, celebrities and beauty product manufacturers.


M. Porter

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M. Porter, Senior Executive, Master of Art, San Jose

Answered May 01, 2019

Photo manipulation is the converting or altering of a photograph to hide or change something you do not like or want to enhance. Photo manipulation has been around for many years and is considered an art form and it can range from hiding a freckle to making someone look like a creature from another world.

Airbrushing is a method that has been around for some time and is used to hide imperfections and soften the look of the photo. Back in the 19th century when it was introduced it was much more hands on the picture or the film; however, in this century everything is digital, and you can put someone’s nose on their elbow with the stroke of a key.

Photo manipulation was used for tampering with one example being a photo of Lincoln was transformed using the body from a picture of John Calhoun and the head of Lincoln. Manipulation has been used for political purposes to cover one thing or add another. It is used in journalism, fashion, social media, and celebrities. It can be a fantastic tool to create beautiful things, but too often the ethical envelope is pushed.


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