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How long do you think that Fortnite's popularity will last?

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L. Sevigny

L. Sevigny, Doctor, Las Vegas

Answered on Aug 29, 2018

Video games come and go. It depends upon the audience for the length of time it will stay popular. For example, when I was growing up, I played Super Mario Bros. That is not as popular as it was when I was a kid. It became less and less popular just like everything else does. Almost anything loses its popularity after the newness wears off. Fortnite is a video game that appeals to many young boys and girls.

The premise of the game is to build big forts and battle the other opponents with the weapons you have gathered or chosen. I believe that Fortnite will last a few years and then when the next video game comes along which is already probably in the works, will knock out Fortnite and replace it.

J. Emmerich

J. Emmerich, Web Content Writer, New York City

Answered on Aug 24, 2018

The popularity of fortnite is not going down anytime soon. It is likely going to last at least 2 more years. This is because of the same reasons that has made fortnite popular in the short period of it release. The game is free, people can access the game easily and at any time for free.

The game has been popular since 2017, it is known to be smooth and simple. epic games releases timely challenges, update cosmetic items and updates on the locations. These updates keep the players glued to the game. Epic games is doing everything possible to stay relevant, do not be surprised if it goes beyond 2 years from now.


Knowledge Enthusiast, Knows A Lot of Stuff.

J.Spencer, Knowledge enthusiast, Tokyo

Answered on Aug 14, 2018

The Fortnite obsessionis there to last. It's not likely to fade for another 2 years at least. For understanding its longevity, one needs to understand what made it popular in the first place. Fortnite comes in the list of games with a cult following and is in itself a cultural phenomenon. It has joined ranks with games like Pokemon, Counter-Strike GO, Minecraft which were literal gamechangers(pun intended).

The biggest factor that made Fortnite a phenomenon is the timing the game was dropped. The Battle Royale format was getting more and more popular with entries like H1Z1 and PUBG, and Epic games dropped a free to play Battle Royale game. Nothing beats a price tag of free and Fortnite capitalized on this aspect.

The creators earn revenue from micro-transactions.The game’s shareability, customizability, fun and smart design, sophistication and overall gameplay are other factors that make it insanely popular. It is mainly popular among children and frat teens.

Character customization screen

This was followed by a long and ongoing list of Twitch and Youtube game streamers who play the game for their fans and the game actually contributed in launching several streamers to the limelight, especially professional gamer Ninja. Ninja’s growth in popularity helped the game and vice-versa.


Fortnite also stays relevant and introduces constant changes and limited time events, such as the Thanos mod, that are helping it keep relevant.

The only factor threatening Fortnite right now is over-saturation of the market with Battle Royale format games but the free price tag should help it. Fortnite is set to stay in the limelight for a few years.

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