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Is Donald Trump bringing the US Down?

Is Donald Trump bringing the US Down?

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Asked by G. Horace, Last updated: Jan 02, 2020

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Answered Jan 22, 2019

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Robert Hazlewood

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Robert Hazlewood, Senior Executive, MBA, Louisville

Answered Dec 13, 2018

He can, and already has caused enormous damage to the United States, but he can’t "bring it down," so speak. His policies or ignorance of policies might have a long-lasting impact on healthcare, fighting climate change, the budget deficit, and the debt, economic retrenchment, and world peace.

He is driving up the price of healthcare, increasing the potential for environmental devastation, undermining local economies that have benefitted from free trade. Although it would be impossible to bring the US down permanently, we have a strong government and democracy.


A. Cook

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A. Cook, English Professor, M.A, Ph.D, Kentucky

Answered Dec 04, 2018

Will Donald Trump bring America down? I think there is little doubt that he already has brought the name of America down in the eyes of many countries in the world. He is regarded as holding values that cannot be admired regarding race, women, truth, openness, nepotism and global well-being.

However, he is loved by thousands of innocent people who are inspired by the idea of America becoming great, increasing its economy and employment at whatever cost to the environment or world peace. His followers are not those who would normally read up on such matters as global warning and are easily swayed by Trump's pretending adverse comments about his actions are 'fake news'.

This is a typical manoevre of sociopaths, and it is interesting that Russia;s Putin uses the same tactics when his unethical actions are publicised. Trump is likely to remain in power while there are sufficient rural poor desperate to improve their lot. History books will keep his name alive as it has Pontius Pilate's.


F. Ray

F. Ray, Student, Kansas City

Answered Jul 09, 2018

Donald Trump is widely disliked all over the world. This fact is making it harder for other countries to still have respect for the USA. This explains why the United States of America may be sliding on its ranking as one of the top countries of the world. The main reason why Trump won is because he vowed that he will make America great again. With the changes that have occurred, people are wondering if this is something that he can actually do.

The global perception of the world regarding the United States has deteriorated. The downgrade started when Trump was elected into office. This is something that Americans just have to accept. Who knows, things might change soon.


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