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Where will Elder Scrolls 6 be set?

Where will Elder Scrolls 6 be set?

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Asked by E. Barnes, Last updated: Jan 16, 2020

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j. Goodman

J. Goodman, Web Content Writer, San Antonio

Answered Aug 09, 2018

As the entire game of elder scrolls 6 has not been released yet, the actual layout is not confirmed. Some discussions in chat rooms show that the game can be set in one of 5 places. It may be Elsweyr, Cryodil, and High rock, Hammerfell or Summerset Isle. During the E3 convention, the developer of the game stated that the actual setting would be announced soon.

However, the actual location is still a speculation. Some people even say that Tamriel is the location of the elder scrolls 6. However, we cannot say for sure. Chatrooms and gaming zones are abuzz with the possibilities.


H. Martin

H. Martin, Content Writer, Charlotte

Answered Aug 02, 2018

Online chatrooms have been lighting up with conversations as to exactly where the plot of Elder Scrolls 6 will be set. It has been pretty much a consensus when it comes to the setting of Elder Scrolls 6 and it seems to be coming down to about five possibilities. They would be High Rock, Hammerfell, Elsweyr, Cryodiil, and Summerset Isle.

During the recent commencement of E3 2018, it was said that developer Todd Howard stated that there has been a decided setting for Elder Scrolls 6 and the announcement for that will come in the near future. He stated that the location for Elder Scrolls 6 was one of the first things that was decided when the work on development of the game started.

Tamriel is another location that has been floating around as the possible setting for Elder Scrolls 6 with some chatboards and rooms stating and arguing that it is indeed Tamriel where the setting for Elder Scrolls 6 will take place.


M. Krasinski

M. Krasinski, Content Writer, Columbus

Answered Jul 05, 2018

The Elder Scrolls VI was recently announced at Bethesda's E3 press event. It is still four or five years away. The setting for the game will most likely be in Hammerfell. There is a particular section in the landscape being shown in the teaser which looks like a massive crater in the ground, with the ruins of a hold sitting on the edges. There is a chance that this could be the ruins of the village Azra’s crossing, as seen in the game, Elder Scrolls Travels:

Shadow key and that crater could be the one that was created by a blast of powerful shadow magic. In the trailer, you can see another city to the right of the landscape a short distance away from three peninsulas, each being larger than the last. Judging by the maps of Hammerfell, this city could be either Satakalam, Lainlyn, both of which are in the vicinity of Azra’s crossing, and the three peninsulas.


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