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Why do kids need to go to school?

Asked by Madison watts, Last updated: May 15, 2020

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Answered Jan 29, 2020

Children aren't really forced to head to the institution. They are required to have an education and learning through whatever suggests essential, like subjecto. Alternatives to public and also independent school are on-line schooling or home education- the moms and dads need to be qualified to educate their kids.


Daisy Rowley

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Daisy Rowley, daisyrowley, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles

Answered Nov 06, 2018

For one thing, it's the law. If you didn't go, your parents could be in big trouble.

But there are other reasons kids in the U.S. -- and most other countries -- are required to attend school until they reach a certain age.

For one thing, a healthy democracy depends on people who are informed about issues. Citizens vote, and they take part in other civic duties -- educated people are likely to make better choices.

The more education someone has, the more money he is likely to make during his life. And being in school helps you learn how to deal with others, set goals and get things done. Those are important skills.

Requiring kids to go to school is called "compulsory education." (Compulsory means that you have to do something.) But American kids didn't always have to attend. In fact, only wealthy people went to school until the 1840s.

A Massachusetts official named Horace Mann led a movement to change that, and by 1900 free elementary school was available to American children.

The U.S. Education Department says that in 1869-70, the average number of days each student attended was 78. By 1900, it was 144 days, and by 1950, it was 178.

Kids got the summer off from school because schools, in earlier times, followed a farmer's schedule. That allowed kids to help bring in the summer harvest. That tradition stuck.

Today kids in most states are required to go to school for 180 days each academic year. That allows for four nine-week periods of 45 days or two 90-day semesters.

But beware: Some educators think kids should be in school a lot longer.

Some schools have raised the number of required school days, and some folks think that sometime soon, 200 days will be the magic number -- so enjoy 180 while you can!



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J.Spencer, Knowledge enthusiast, Tokyo

Answered May 02, 2018

I’m going to pretend that you did not ask this question. It is extremely important that kids should attend school. Schooling is one of the most necessary aspects of human life. Without basic schooling, there would actually be no difference between you and an ape. Do you really think you would be able to ask this question without attending school?

Schooling enables you to learn basic human communication. You are a social animal, after all. We go to school as kids because our cognitive abilities are sharper. Once we grow up, our ability to learn decreases substantially. The most basic education is given between the age 5 and 9 because of the ability of the brain to grasp new concepts is highest at this time.


Adilah Bisar

Adilah Bisar

Replied on Jan 25, 2019

Education is the basic part of every individual’s life that’s why every child should go to school daily. Because the school is that place from where students get a lot of skills which are required to make their career. Well I am a CV maker online, before doing this job I used to write articles for academic websites.

baseera sheikh

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Baseera sheikh

Replied on May 19, 2019

If kids will not go to school how can they work for their country, how can they live a happy life?

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