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What hurts more, losing a best friend or a lover?

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6 Answers

karren andries

Karren andries

Answered on Feb 25, 2019

its hard to lose your bff more then the one you love

Summer Dawson

Summer Dawson

Answered on Oct 14, 2018

Though hard to say, but personally, I think OMG! Losing a bff is far worse than a lover, cuz you've known your bff 4 like half your life(thiugh it might change) ; losing a lover is bad but you can find a new lover anytime. However, there is only 1 bff and that is your true friend. ;) Gosh, a lover will NOT provie u with that much support as your friend do! Geez... (



Replied on Mar 24, 2019

Nice comment yes i agree with that



Answered on Oct 07, 2018

It is hard to say.

S. Nicole

Content Writer, Teacher

S. Nicole, Wordsmith, PG In Journalism, New York

Answered on Sep 11, 2018

Oh My God! Losing your best friend is like hell and nothing can be worse than this. Although love is impeccable and unconditional, it hurts more when your best friend breaks up with you for any reason. Friends are the biggest supports in life and they are always there for us no matter what. It doesn’t apply to a lover.

We should never take our friends for granted as they are the one who handles our melodramas and even our mood swings. They always stand with us for pampering and providing a comfort zone at the most vulnerable time because everyone else leaves our hand at some point of time in our life. According to me, there is no relation in this world which can provide that level of comfort. Last but not least, friendship has no boundaries and you can do whatever you want to do without any restrictions.

While in the case of lovers, you may need to be disciplined and maintain your boundaries a single careless move can destroy your happy going love-life. You can’t share each and everything with your partner as there will be some dark secrets which you never want to share with him/her, unlike your best friend. Yes, breaking up with your lover also sucks but you can recover from that.

Now, think for a while what if that friend leaves your hand when you need them the most? I know you don’t want to imagine that dejection.

P.S. Don’t get offended with my answer as it is my personal opinion and it may differ from your facts and figures. Also, this is a very sensitive topic and this argument will never end.

Travis Martin

Let's see how far my knowledge stretches

Travis Martin, Doctor, MD, Santa Monica

Answered on Jul 05, 2018

Initially it may seem that losing a lover is worse, the friend being given lesser priority because the feelings are currently less intense. It is not just the person loved that is lost, it is the feeling of being loved, the experience of believing one is the centre of another's universe.

However, as time passes these feelings lessen especially if someone from the opposite sex casts an interested eye in your direction. Gradually the sense that there are other fish in the sea can ameliorate.In the long run losing a good friend may be worse because you can add friends to you social scene but not replace one. The shared history and deeper knowledge that you share with a friend is a huge loss for always.

S. Hughes

S. Hughes

Answered on Jun 04, 2018

This is a tough question to answer. I’m sure it hurts to lose a friend and a lover but I would have to say it probably hurts more to lose a friend. You can always find another lover. You might disagree with my opinion but I don’t think it’s easy to find a true friend.

If you have made a friendship, no matter how short or how long your friendship has lasted, you have put your time, energy and more importantly your emotions into developing and nurturing your friendship. If that friendship is lost, it can be emotionally devastating.

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